3rd October 2016

In Maths this week, we have been working on addition and subtraction. We noticed how knowing pairs of numbers that make 10 can help us find other number pairs, such as number bonds to 100.

In English we have been drawing story maps to help us retell the story of, The Enormous Crocodile. We have been putting key words, storytelling connectives and conjunctions on these to help. Please look at our film of us using a map to retell the story. We have been continuing to learn about homophones and looking at the tricky parts of words from words from the Y2 common exception word list. 

Savannah Explorer of the Week.JPG

We have also started learning about jungles and now know what they are, in which continents that they are found, what they are like and what animals are found in them. 

This week’s Explorer of the Week is Savannah, who constantly shows excellent behaviour for learning. She sets an excellent example. Well dome Savannah!

We earned 6 handshakes this week!

our attendance was 96.4%