10th October 2016

This week, we have been learning to use dienes to add two 2-digit numbers together.  Once we mastered this with the physical equipment, we moved onto drawing our working out. We have also been using calculation words, to help us sort word problems into ones that require addition and ones that need subtraction. We noticed that: add, addition, total, more and altogether, all mean +. We also noticed that: take away, less, leave, left, subtract and minus all mean -. 

We have been creating new characters for our own stories, which we will start to write next week. We decided to replace the villain in the story, The Enormous Crocodile, with another predator! Some children have chosen bears, lions, tigers, jaguars, snakes or cheetahs! They have chosen an appropriate jungle setting, based on where these animals are found in the world.  We have been learning to use similes and exciting adjectives to describe our characters. 

In spelling, we have done lots of work with the Y2 Common Exception Words. We have been learning to spell: busy, many, any, could, would and should. We have also been looking at ‘ue’ words, like: argue, tissue and statue,

Explorer of the Week was awarded to Aimee, for constant sensible attitude and hard work.
We earned 17 handshakes this week, which was fantastic!!! 
Well done to everyone!