18th March 2019

It has been an exciting week in Tim Peake as we discovered that the class storeroom is actually a time travelling portal! That was a surprise! All of KS1 were having a lovely time learning about the Great Fire of London in our classroom, when a sooty lady in old fashioned clothing came running out of the storeroom screaming about a fire spreading throughout London.

Our intrepid KS1 questioners discovered that her name was Molly Wimple and she was from 1666 - she had tried to hide from the fire in a cupboard in her house but somehow ended up in our classroom! Molly had been very brave and when she saw Thomas Farriner's bakery was on fire, she grabbed one of his recipe books so that it wouldn't be destroyed.

As we have been hard at work on our end of term assessments, we decided to have some fun and make the recipe in Thomas Farriner's book. Unfortunately, the part of the book that told us what the recipe was for had been burnt away, so we used our questioning and reasoning skills to make some predictions. After a lot of discussion, we decided that it was probably a recipe for bread. We all worked together to double the amount of ingredients so that there would be enough bread for everyone. We then mixed the ingredients and learnt how to knead dough. Everyone was given their own piece of bread to knead, shape and decorate, before they were put in the oven to bake. It was interesting to compare the bread rolls that we had made to the sort of bread we are used to buying at the supermarket!

We had a special visitor on Wednesday, archaeologist Peter Hammond. He came to show us artefacts that would have been used by people 300 years ago. It was interesting to learn about the different household objects such as bottles, pipes and wig curlers. We spent our afternoon investigating these objects and creating sketches. To end our day, we gathered with the rest of KS1 and were visited by Samuel Pepys! He must have found the time portal too! We had a great time asking him questions about life in London in 1666 and have really deepened our understanding of The Great Fire.

4th February 2019

In Maths this week we have been continuing our work on money. We have been using our addition skills to total different amounts. We have also been using the counting up strategy to find the difference and calculate change.

In English we have been working hard planning our new pirate stories and making changes by swapping different characters and creating new pirate ships for them to live on. Towards the end of the week, the children started writing their new stories and are currently applying all of their learning about proper nouns, common nouns and conjunctions from the past few weeks. Watch this space for some entertaining stories!

In Topic we have been sketching ourselves as pirates and creating interesting self-portraits! The children have been learning how oval shapes are really useful for sketching the face and have been experimenting with pastels and skin tone pencils.

Our Explorer of the Week is Connie, who consistently works hard in all areas.

Our English star this week is Amelka. She always presents her written work beautifully!

Our Maths star is Alan. He always tries hard and challenges himself in his learning!

28th January 2019

In Maths this week we have started our money topic. We have been working on recognising coins and notes and matching these to their amounts. We have been learning about pounds and pence. We have also been calculating the totals of different coins by counting, starting with the largest denominations.

In English we have been learning about common, proper and pronouns. The children worked out that common nouns are common things, like tables, chairs and crayons etc – they spotted that these don’t need capital letters. They also worked out that proper nouns (names of people, places, days of the week and months of the year) need capital letters. We also learned about pronouns that can replace names of people (I, he, she etc) We have also been drawing text maps for the story of Kassim & the Greedy Pirate and re-writing the original story.

As part of Road Safety Week, we were lucky enough to be visited by the Road Safety Team. The children enjoyed playing a game to help them learn about keeping safe when out and about and around traffic. The children learnt lots and made some fabulous road safety posters to showcase what they have learnt.

Emmi-Leigh Explorer of the Week.jpg

Our Explorer of the Week is Emmi-Leigh. She always has such a positive, cheery nature and is so keen to help around the classroom. She always trued her best with her work too.

Gaia English Star.jpg

Our English star this week is Gaia. She always works really hard on her written work to make sure it is the best it can be and is a very enthusiastic writer.

Our Maths star is Bernat. He always challenges himself in his learning!

21st January 2019

This week the children have been improving their sentence construction skills and knowledge. They have been learning about what sentences are and have been exploring simple, compound and complex sentences. They have been using ‘Rainbow Grammar’ and coloured cards to help them with this.

We have been continuing to work on both addition and subtraction. We have been comparing number statements with <, > or =.

James Explorer of the Week.jpg

Our Explorer of the Week is James. He has been trying extra hard this week and has a fabulous positive attitude.

Jorgia Maths Star.jpg

Our Maths Star is Jorgia. She always listens really well, tries her best and is very resilient!

Elsie English Star.jpg

Our English Star is Elsie. She always listening to feedback given, remembering this and making sure that she follows the advice to help her improve. Superb handwriting & spelling, particularly in Phonics.

14th January 2019

We’ve had a very busy first week back! The children have been working so hard and I’m really proud of them.

The week started with the children writing thank you letters to Santa and they loved sharing their favourite Christmas gifts with the class. They are also really interested in our new Pirate topic, after discovering a message in a bottle from a Pirate called Pete, who has forgotten how to be a Pirate and needs the children’s help!

After a Cold Task to set targets for this half term, the children started their ‘Writing to Entertain’ unit. They have been using their Active Reading skills this week (wondering, predicting and asking questions; drawing what is in their head when reading). They are currently enjoying reading and learning the story of Kassim & the Greedy Pirate. On Thursday they made puppets and a ‘Dirty Dog’ pirate ship. They have been retelling the story with their puppets.

In Maths we have been consolidating our subtraction skills using manipulatives or pictures and comparing number sentences. Part whole pictures and number lines have also helped us!

Ruben and Harry both visited Mrs Alford’s Hall of Fame this week because of continued hard work, positive attitude and for both encouraging other children in the class. I am blown away by both boys and very proud of them! Keep it up!