20th November 2017

In Maths this week we have been working on addition using concrete materials (Base 10) and then moved onto drawing pictures of Base 10. We have been completing calculations that require exchanging ones for tens and others that do not. Take a look at our photos of us working with our partners!

In English we have started our new unit of work based on The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsberg. We have been carrying out lots of active learning based activities, designed to really help us get a deeper understanding of the story. These have included reducing the characters and discussing which ones could be removed without changing the story. We had a fantastic discussion about who the most important character is: the boy or Father Christmas. We also then reduced pictures of the main events down to just three and used these to make a simple poem about the story! Check out next week’s blog for best copies of these! Overall, it’s been a very interesting week with lots of superb discussion!
The children fully enjoyed wearing spots for Children In Need – thank you for everyone’s effort- the children looked fantastic. 

This week’s Explorer of the Week is Anabelle for really getting stuck in with our discussions this week and thinking deeply!

As part of Anti-Bullying Week (13th-17th November), the children enjoyed sharing each other’s talents. This year’s theme is ‘All Different, All Equal’. Anabelle quite rightly pointed out that everyone has talents that we should celebrate and we all loved sharing what special skills we all have on Friday afternoon. We had a fantastic range of talents showcased. These included: karate, singing, dancing and press ups to name just a few!

13th November 2017

In Maths this week, we have been adding and taking 10 from 2 digit numbers. We noticed that it’s only the tens digit that changes when you add or subtract 10. We then moved onto adding and taking tens numbers (20, 30, 40 etc). Again, we knew that it was only the tens place that would change. We used Base 10 to help us with our calculations and some of us worked mentally. We have also been applying our learning to some word problems. 

In English we have been producing last week’s descriptive sentences as a 3D Bonfire poem. Please take a look at the photos! We have also been writing interesting verbs and adjectives to describe how fireworks sound and move. We then used these to write a Fireworks poem. 


In Spelling we have been looking at words, with the ‘s’ and ‘c’ spelling pattern. These letters make the ‘s’ sound e.g. celery, face, circle. 

Our Explorer of the Week is Finlay. He has worked extra hard all week and has challenged himself. He was also presented his work really carefully all week and shown fabulous behaviour for learning. Well done!

Thank you to all children who have brought in shoeboxes and items for ‘Operation Christmas Child’. 

We earned a massive 40 handshakes this week and we won the ‘Class of the Week’ trophy in assembly! Well done everyone!

6th November 2017

In Maths this week, we noticed that we can use simple facts to work out related ones. For example, 6 + 2 = 8 would also tell us that 60 + 20 = 90! We noticed that this is because 10 is 10 times bigger than 1! We have then been using this information to write all of the known facts in each fact family. e.g.
60 + 20 = 80
20 + 60 = 80
80 – 20 = 60
80 – 60 = 20
We also worked out that we could use our number bonds to 10 to work out our bonds to 100! e.g   3 + 7 = 10 so 30 + 70 = 100! Again, our understanding of 10 being 10 times bigger than 1 helped us to understand this. We have also been practising adding 1s to two- digit numbers by counting on. This will help us with next week’s work on adding 10 and beyond. 


In English we have had lots of fun exploring the ‘Famous 5 Senses’ (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell). The week started with a senses hunt around the playground where we thought about how we use our senses in our everyday lives. We then moved onto exploring the 5 senses using bonfire items. We tasted bonfire toffee and pumpkin soup. We also explored fireworks films, warm woolly clothing, as well as leaves and soggy grass! The children came up with some fantastic adjectives, which they used to write some fabulous descriptive sentences, which will be used in a bonfire poem, next week.
e.g. Sticky, hard bonfire toffee that melts in my mouth!

In Spelling we have been exploring the ‘ge’ and ‘dge’ spelling pattern. We noticed that if there is a short vowel sound then the spelling pattern is ‘dge’ (as in edge) and we spotted that long vowel sounds are followed by the ‘ge’ pattern (as in stage). 
In topic we have been learning about the countries and capital cities which make up the United Kingdom. We have also been looking at famous landmarks in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


Our Explorer of the Week is Zach, for superb behaviour for learning, all of the time! Keep up the great work, Zach!

Our Explorer of the Week is Zach, for superb behaviour for learning, all of the time! Keep up the great work, Zach! We also earned a whopping 20 handshakes this week! Well done everyone! 

23rd October 2017

This week’s Maths work started with a ‘hot task’ to assess the children’s learning, as we have come to our end of unit of work on ‘Place Value’, followed by a ‘cold task’ to assess current understanding and identify gaps in learning for addition & subtraction. We have then been checking calculations using cubes and the ‘inverse’, writing all 4 fact family calculations e.g.

6 + 14 = 20
14 + 6 = 20
20 – 6 = 14
20 – 14 = 6

In English we have been exploring the use of adjectives in noun phrases and then adapting a seaside poem by Celia Warren to create our own versions, using noun phrases. Please have a look at the selection.

In Spelling we have been looking at the ‘g’, ‘ge’ and ‘dge’ patterns.
The children enjoyed their Harvest Assembly, which consisted of fabulous singing to ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ and ‘Autumn Leaves’ with a special news report about the changes to the seasons and the work of the farmers, at harvest time. Well done to everyone!
This week’s Explorer of the Week will be announced on Monday 30th September.