22nd January 2018

The children have continued to enjoy our new topic and have been focusing in a bit more detail on Antarctica. They learned that Antarctica is a continent and as a result, has no flag! The children then designed their own flags based on what they know about this polar region. They also thought about what they would need if they were going to visit Antarctica, like many scientists do, for research. We had some super suggestions including cameras and laptops to help with research projects, as well as thermal items to help keep them warm in the harsh conditions. We have also started to look at which animals are found in each polar region.


This week’s Explore of the Week is James, for trying particularly hard this week. Well done!

In English, we have continued to work with the book, Could a Penguin Ride a Bike? They have been using the book to help them to explore and consolidate their knowledge of nouns and verbs. In spelling, the children have been looking at the ‘wr’ spelling pattern, at the front of words and exploring some Y2 Common Exception words. 

In Maths we have continued with our money work. The children have been using ‘counting up’ to find the difference between two different amounts and then using this strategy to help them find change. This will help them with next week’s learning on solving word problems involving money.

15th January 2018


It’s been great to be back at school this week, after a fabulous Christmas holiday! The children have been working really hard and have been particularly interested in our new topic, Frozen Planet! They have been keen to find out all they can this week. They have learned where in the world the Polar Regions are and have carried out a mini comparison of The Arctic and Antarctica. We have been looking in a bit more depth at The Arctic, in particular and have learned about its landscape features and which countries make up The Arctic Circle.

In English, we have been reading, Could a Penguin Ride a Bike? The children found this book highly amusing and it helped them to learn lots about penguins. They used their facts to create some mini penguin fact files!

9 Serok.JPG

This week’s Explore of the Week is Serok, for working extra hard and always having a go at discussions in class. Well done!

In Maths we have continued with our money work, from before Christmas. The children have been totalling and comparing amounts, finding out different ways of making the same amount and carrying out lots of reasoning and problem solving tasks.

18th December 2017

In Maths this week, we have been partitioning numbers to help us take away mentally, with a number line. We have also been finding number bonds to 100, using base 10 to help us. We have also got up and running with Times Tables Rockstars. The children loved working out their times table facts to music and are eager to improve their scores!

In English we have been reducing key extracts from The Polar Express and thinking about emotion words. We have been arranging those words in order of intensity and applying these words to different parts of The Polar Express story.
In Spelling we have been adding suffixes: ed, ing, er, est and y. 

We had a fantastic afternoon selling our wares at our Christmas Enterprise Fair. Thank you to those who came to support us and bought some of our lovely pom-pom Christmas decorations. They ‘flew’ off the shelves! We have made a good profit and are currently thinking about donating some of our takings, saving some to start off the Easter Enterprise challenge and also spending some on a treat for ourselves! 

On Friday, we had a brilliant time at our KS1 Christmas Party! We enjoyed making party hats, playing party games and even had a visit from Santa! Thank you to all for helping to provide the spread – the children enjoyed tucking in to their party food at the end of the day! Yum!

Our Explorer of the Week is Megan. She continues to work extremely hard in all that she does and has been trying particularly hard to join her writing, this week.