16th July 2018

In Maths this week, we have been continuing our work on Position & Direction. We have been making and continuing patterns with 2D shapes, using directional language to describe them. We were able to spot the pattern’s rule, e.g. the triangle turned a quarter turn anti-clockwise each time etc.

In English we have been inventing new characters for our new story based on The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We are swapping the tiger for another animal, describing it using exciting language and thinking about what that character will say in our new stories. We have also been thinking about different times of the day that the new animal could visit.

As part of Aspirations Week, we were lucky enough to be visited by Mr and Mrs Porter, who work in healthcare. The children came up with lots of thoughtful questions to ask them and fully enjoyed learning about this career path and having their questions answered. I’m sure that they have inspired the children to aim high for their futures.

We also thought about what the children aspire to be when they are older. Take a look at our photos for some of our aspirations! Dream BIG!

This week’s Explorer of the Week is Zach. He’s really gone the extra mile this week in terms of effort. Well done!

9th July 2018

In Maths this week we have been exploring Position and Direction, our new topic. We explored directional language, such as left, right, forwards and backwards. We also progressed to using the words quarter turn, half turn and three quarter turn. We used out fractions knowledge to help us with this. We enjoyed playing a ‘Where’s Wally?’ game and directed him around the board to find his lost items, avoiding the brick walls.

In English we have been writing out recounts about our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and have been writing character descriptions about the tiger and Sophie from The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

We had an exciting week as we spent almost a full day on Wednesday in Year 3, with our new teachers. We had lots of fun learning about our new class mater and finding out about what it will be like in Year 3. On Friday we had fabulous time at our Transition Picnic in King’s Park, with the Year 2 children from Hallcroft, who will join us in our new classes in September. It was great to see so many friendships formed already! Well done to you all!

2nd July 2018

On Monday we had a wonderful time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The sun was blazing down but the children loved looking at the animals and learning about their amazing skills. A particular favourite was the wallabies & some of them managed to stroke one.

During our workshop, the children held and stroked a Giant African land snail and a hissing cockroach.

 In Maths this week, we have been exploring line symmetry in patterns and 2D shapes.  The children enjoyed exploring the vertical line of symmetry and making patterns with peg boards. They also enjoyed folding different shapes to find line symmetry in different positions.

Following our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the children have been working together to reduce Monday’s events to the 5 most exciting ones on the school trip and choosing imaginative adjectives to match to the different animals. The children have been using this work to plan a recount about our trip, which we will write next week.


Our Explorer of the Week is Jayden. He has worked extremely hard all week and really tried hard to contribute to lessons and work hard during independent work! Well done and keep it up!

25th June 2018

In Maths this week, we have been creating patterns with both 2D and 3D shapes. We have been describing the patterns and looking at the orientation of the different shapes. This has included turning them. We were able to use our knowledge of different multiples to help us predict the nth shapes in the patterns. 

In English we have been writing a retelling of the animation, Ride of Passage.

We used time connectives and interesting words. We have also been re-writing The Tiger Who Came to Tea, for our cold write. This will help us to set our final writing targets of Year 2! 

In Topic we have been exploring lifecycles. We looked at the lifecycles of frogs and butterflies. We have also been matching up animals and their young, exploring the different names e.g. Eagle and eaglet etc.

Bobby Explorer of the Week.jpg

This week’s Explorer of the Week is Bobby. Bobby’s behaviour for learning and positive attitude are second to none. He always sets such a fantastic example. Well done Bobby!