12th March 2018

What a jam-packed, exciting week we’ve had!
After disruption from last week’s snow, we had so much to get done this week and have worked exceptionally hard!

In Maths, we have been using the ten times table to help us solve division problems. Having finished our unit of work on multiplication and division now, we’ve moved onto fractions. We had a go at a ‘cold’ task to help us set targets and we have been recognising a half of a shape or object, moving onto drawing pictures to help us calculate a half of an amount. We’ve been doing lots of reasoning and problem solving again, this week.

In English we have been using the learned pages in ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris, to help us write a close retelling of the original. We have also started to generate ideas for our own texts about our own dragons. We have also been practising reading comprehension skills and carrying out some reading assessments.
In spelling we have been looking at the suffixes –less, -ness and –ly.

In topic we have been designing our own dragons, ready for adding colour, next week. We have also been learning about why castles were often built on hills. We found out that hills made it easier to see who was approaching the castle and also made it harder for enemies to attack, due to the fact that they’d have to get up the hill in all their armour!

We had a fabulous time on Wednesday morning, when we visited Captain Jack’s Adventure, in memory of Seth. We thoroughly enjoyed playing in the ball pool, climbing the ‘rigging’ and dashing down the snake and giant slides! The session was topped off with a tasty biscuit and drink! Thank you to our parent and grandparent helpers, who helped us!

We also had a brilliant end to a busy week, with our ‘World Book Day’ celebration on Friday morning. The children looked fantastic in their costumes – a big thank you to parents and carers for supporting us with this! We enjoyed a ‘books and biscuits’ session with our parents and grandparents. At the end of the day, teachers swapped classes for story time. Our class enjoyed stories told by Mrs Brown. Great fun was had by all!


Our Explorer of the Week is Kuba. He is always ready to learn and approaches all of his work with great enthusiasm and sensible attitude! Well done Kuba!

19th February 2018

In Maths this week, we have been working on dividing by sharing and grouping. We have been drawing pictures, bar models and writing division sentences to help us.

In English we have been busy editing, improving and presenting our fabulous non-fiction writing about polar bears and orcas.  In spelling we have been looking at plurals.

In topic we have been creating our own polar bear art, using chalks. Take a look at our fabulous work! We have also been learning to use spreadsheets to help us make totals. The children have been using our new house point system, as a vehicle for this.


Our Explorer of the Week is Mason. He has been working particularly hard in all areas, but especially with his spelling and handwriting. Well done Mason!

5th February 2018

In Maths this week, we have been looking at equal groups and representing these as both repeated addition and multiplication statements. We have been carrying lots of reasoning and problem solving tasks, with great success! 

In English we have been researching polar animals and creating text maps for our own versions of our class text, ‘Could a Penguin ride a Bike?’ Most children have decided to write their own versions about polar bears and others have chosen orcas.  
In spelling we have been looking at the ‘a’ spelling pattern, pronounced ‘o’ as in: want, watching, squash, quarrel etc. 


Our Explorer of the Week is Madhu. She always shows excellent behaviour for learning and takes pride in all that she does.

In topic we thoroughly enjoyed carrying out an experiment for Mr Frosty! We had a letter from him asking for our help. He is shortly off to the South Pole and has a problem, as his hands keep melting! He sent us some spare hands and some materials to wrap them in to test which material is the best insulator that will prevent his hands from melting too much! The children found out that wool was the best insulator on this occasion. They learnt lots about making observations, carrying out fair tests and worked like real scientists! 

29th January 2018

In Maths this week, we have been looking at solving two step problems, using bar models and number sentences to help us. We are showed how much we’d learnt on money in our hot tasks and have now started our work on multiplication. So far, we have been recognising equal and unequal groups. 

In English we have been using joining words (conjunctions) to extend our sentences. These are words such as: and, but, so, or, when, if, that and because, In spelling we have been looking at the suffixes ed, ing, er, est.

In topic we had an interesting discussion about the 4 most important warm items to take on a visit to the Arctic. The children had to then  arrange their 4 items in a ‘diamond 4’, explaining the reasons for placing their most important item at the top. Most children agreed that a coat was the most important and gave super reasons as to why, including: ‘a coat covers lots your body, whereas a hat only covers one.’ Also, ‘you can use your coat as a coat but also as gloves (using the sleeves) and as a hat (using the hood)’. 


Our Explorer of the Week is Ellie-Mae. She always shows excellent behaviour for learning.