Survival Day

Year 5 and 6 wrapped up warm and took to the field to take part in their survival day this term. Everyone loved spending the day outside and getting involved in all the different activities the day had to offer! For the first half of the day, all groups were set various team building activities; everyone showed off their great teamwork skills! The children also learnt vital survival skills such as building a shelter out of tarpaulin, rods and tent pegs. The results were great!

Later in the afternoon is when we began to build fires; they learnt how to light a flint in order to begin a fire and how to structure the wood in the shape of a tipi in order to keep the fire going. There have been a couple of naturals amongst the groups! Much to the children’s delight, they got to roast and eat marshmallows, as well as making their own bread swirls out of dough and cooking it. A great day was had by all learning about how to survive in the great outdoors on their own!