23rd June 2017

Book Fair: During our English lesson on Monday we had the opportunity to go and visit the book fair. There were lots of wonderful books that we could purchase. For 25 minutes children immersed themselves within their reading as they had the chance to choose and read one of the latest books.

Maths: We have been calculating volume this week by using cubes and various images to help us to visualise. We have started to become more comfortable and we are beginning to recognise columns, layers and slices.

Glint of Gold:  With our performance date fast approaching we teamed up with Mr Beswarick’s class to practice some of our school production songs. Some of the songs are a little tricky but by the end of the week we were being complemented about the beautiful sound coming from our classrooms. 

We collected 23 handshakes this week, unfortunately this was not enough to be crowned Class of The Week. We were piped to the post by 1. Our attendance was 94.3%