12th June 2017

Partake, Ancient Egyptian Day:
This week we had the opportunity to take part in an Ancient Egyptian Day with the Partake Theatre company.  This involved lots of hands on activities, meaning we learnt lots of interesting new facts.  Firstly, we had the opportunity to explore different spices the Ancient Egyptians used when cooking, making perfume and during mummification. The cinnamon was a popular scent as it reminded us of Christmas.  After break we had the chance to look at lots of different Egyptian artefacts  including a scarab beetle charm and Horus's backbone. One lucky class member then had the opportunity to dress up as an Egyptian Priestess. She wore make-up, a headdress and a black wig. She made an excellent Priestess!  After lunch we all dressed as Priests and Priestesses and re-enacted a death ceremony of Prince Seti. It was a super day that will live long in our memories.

Our attendance was 98.2%, well done guys this is another attendance voucher to add to the collection. We received only 2 handshakes this week so lets make a conscious effort to improve next week.