1st May 2017

In one of our maths lessons this week , we were  in charge  of writing  key definitions for measures  vocabulary.  We initially defined a key word in pairs and then our aim was to reduce the definition down to only four words. This should help us to remember the words in future as they are more meaningful to us.

We continued to develop our cricket skills this week. Different activities were set up around the playground which required children to practice skills such as striking, throwing, catching and fielding. 

This week we discussed and responded to the plot of Prince pf Egypt and also looked at how the various characters are portrayed throughout the film. In order to help us write a short film synopsis  we were given key vocabulary and it was sorted ,using zones of relevance targets.

Our attendance this week was 97.8% meaning we just missed out on an attendance voucher. We were also named Class of The Week after receiving a very impressive 24 handshakes.