24th April 2017

We have been checking our awareness of different units of measure and investigating our accuracy when reading scales. We initially weighed some items and then checked our accuracy using the digital scales. We then went on to check if we can convert between different units.  We will continue this next week and to extend our knowledge by learning about imperial units. 

Potato growing challenge:  
Having suggested lots of great ways to help our potatoes grow, Euan and Jamie were given the job of  checking their progress. They watered our patch and moved the soil with a rake. Keep researching  ideas on the internet to help us  find successful ways to increase our yield.

Our attendance this week was 99.6% Like most other classes we only received 5 handshakes. This week we had 3 star of the weeks. Jayla and Kylie won their awards for super collaboration in writing workshop. Euan received his award for excellent effort with his writing. I was particularly pleased that he tried his best to include all the key features from the success criteria. Keep up the good work.