12th December 2016

English: In SPAG  this week we have been looking at personification.   We initially completed an activity to sort sentences with personification and sentences with not. We then carried out some role play, Harry was my dance partner as we became ’boats dancing ,gracefully across the sea.’  The children really enjoyed role playing various scenarios , and as a result gained a deeper understanding of personification.

Enterprise Project: This week we created our advertisement posters for our product.  We looked at logos and slogans in order to make the posters more interesting and eye catching. On Friday our product was produced, we had  a production line in place as the children took it in turns to work on different parts of the product.

In maths we carried on developing our skills in short division. To make the calculations more visual we used dienes cubes, this helped us to group our division calculations.
We received 8 handshakes this week, 
Our attendance this week was 94.4%,