3rd October 2016

This week in English we were introduced to a new technique called Talk for Writing. It enabled us to begin to memorise our short story (red eye) by imitating the key language with simple actions. We also created a class story map with simple symbols which is also very useful when attempting to recite the story.

In maths we have been looking at negative numbers. We initially used a number line to help us visualise the order of the numbers, we than began to sequence negative numbers and work on some negative number word problems.

In art we looked at famous artists Van Gogh and Georges Seurat in order to magpie some of their excellent ideas.  We then began recreating some of the images in the style of the artists.

Our star of the week is Katie Noble for a fantastic attitude towards all class work.
Our attendance this week was 96.5%
We received 10 handshakes, not enough to take the prize.