17th October 2016

We are now really confident  with our suspense story ‘Red Eye’ and can recite all of it using our actions.  To help understand the story structure we used a technique called ‘boxing up’, where important events from the story are categorised using key pictures and words.  

In maths we have been using informal methods of addition and subtraction to help us calculate problems mentally. Our favourites were the number line and partitioning methods. We also used the Singapore bar which helped us to visualise the calculation we needed to carry out.  

This week we spent some of our topic sessions perfecting our harvest festival performance. The practice really paid off and on Thursday we delivered a brilliant performance: reciting poems, prayers and singing in fine voice. We also started to paint our LS Lowry inspired artwork.

Our star of the week is Euan Sulman for an excellent attitude not only this week, but since the start of  the school term. Well done! Keep up the good work.

Our attendance this week is 95%
We received 7 handshakes this week.