17th July 2017

Glint of Gold: All the hard work and practice lead to Thursday and Friday, we performed three productions in two days. The children’s attitude and commitment when learning the very tricky songs was commendable. Any parents in attendance would agree what a fantastic performance we put on.

Great School Run: On Wednesday, we took part in the annual Great School Run where everyone ran six laps of the track. Lots of children in the class ran many more than this. Well done everyone! Thanks to the parents that were in attendance, either supporting or running.    

Art: The week we began layering our Egyptian Death- masks with papier mache. This took lots of time and patience to make sure the paper was sticking to the foil. Next week, we are going to decorate our masks.

Our attendance this week was 98.7%. We again claimed an attendance voucher.  Our handshakes total was a huge 22. Unbelievably, this was not quite good enough to take the title.

10th July 2017

Summer Enterprise: At breaks and lunch times we will be offering a ‘shoot the hoop’ competition. Children will pay twenty pence to shoot as many baskets as possible in one minute, taking place at the outdoor basketball nets. There will be a great prize for the winner. Our young entrepreneurs have been busy this week creating our advertisement posters.    

Potato patch: The lovely summer weather continued and our patch needed to be watered so the plants did not dry out. We are hoping the excellent top growth results in substantial yield below the surface.

Maths: This week in maths we began to estimate the size of angles by visualising and recalling what we already know. Take a look at the facts below, by memorising these, our estimating becomes lots easier.

Our attendance this week was 98.3% Well done guys that’s another attendance voucher to add to the collection. Our handshakes total was 7

3rd July 2017

P.E: Bad weather did not dampen our spirits as we continued with our topic on cricket. We set up some games of quick cricket and kept an ongoing score. Our striking and fielding skills were seriously tested due to the confined space we were in. 


Maths: In maths we are now looking at angles. To start us off this week children were asked to identify different types of angle. Take a look below to refresh your memory.

Glint of Gold: We have been practicing our songs every morning this week. The improvement has been excellent and not many of us even need the lyrics in front of us. On Friday, both year 5 and 6 got together for a practice run. We did ourselves proud and we are now beginning to project our voices across the hall.

We collected 14 handshakes this week, again we were just beaten to the prize. Our attendance this week was……..   , not enough to collect an attendance voucher.

23rd June 2017

Book Fair: During our English lesson on Monday we had the opportunity to go and visit the book fair. There were lots of wonderful books that we could purchase. For 25 minutes children immersed themselves within their reading as they had the chance to choose and read one of the latest books.

Maths: We have been calculating volume this week by using cubes and various images to help us to visualise. We have started to become more comfortable and we are beginning to recognise columns, layers and slices.

Glint of Gold:  With our performance date fast approaching we teamed up with Mr Beswarick’s class to practice some of our school production songs. Some of the songs are a little tricky but by the end of the week we were being complemented about the beautiful sound coming from our classrooms. 

We collected 23 handshakes this week, unfortunately this was not enough to be crowned Class of The Week. We were piped to the post by 1. Our attendance was 94.3%