15th May 2017

We have been looking at various scenes from the Prince of Egypt and looking closely  at how characters portray their thoughts and feelings through facial expression .   We had lots of fun working in pairs to act out the scenes .

The week began by looking at some time related problems using a number line to help visualise our school day. In the last couple of days we looked at area and perimeter, some of the more confident children acted as peer mentors to help  with the teaching and modelling process.

Our attendance was 97.6%, we just missed out on a good attendance voucher. Our handshakes total was 6 this week.

8th May 2017

Fire Service Visit:
On Tuesday afternoon we gained a valuable insight into fire safety. Firstly, we had the opportunity to investigate a fire engine. We then went back into the classroom where two firefighters talked us through the importance of smoke alarms and what to do in the event of a house fire. We were all thoroughly enjoying the lesson, however an emergency call meant the firefighters had to promptly leave. It was fascinating seeing the firefighters leave, as they quickly put on their protective uniforms and equipment.

We have been looking at Muslim and Christian creation stories, then comparing and contrasting them.  In one of the lessons last week we were  given  creation poem  and had to prepare a performance. Take a look at the video clip below as children are in the early stages of  rehearsing the poem.

Our attendance was 98.9%, meaning we received another good attendance voucher.  We wanted to hang on to the Class of The Week trophy, however our handshake total was only 9, not enough to take the title for a second week.

1st May 2017

In one of our maths lessons this week , we were  in charge  of writing  key definitions for measures  vocabulary.  We initially defined a key word in pairs and then our aim was to reduce the definition down to only four words. This should help us to remember the words in future as they are more meaningful to us.

We continued to develop our cricket skills this week. Different activities were set up around the playground which required children to practice skills such as striking, throwing, catching and fielding. 

This week we discussed and responded to the plot of Prince pf Egypt and also looked at how the various characters are portrayed throughout the film. In order to help us write a short film synopsis  we were given key vocabulary and it was sorted ,using zones of relevance targets.

Our attendance this week was 97.8% meaning we just missed out on an attendance voucher. We were also named Class of The Week after receiving a very impressive 24 handshakes.

24th April 2017

We have been checking our awareness of different units of measure and investigating our accuracy when reading scales. We initially weighed some items and then checked our accuracy using the digital scales. We then went on to check if we can convert between different units.  We will continue this next week and to extend our knowledge by learning about imperial units. 

Potato growing challenge:  
Having suggested lots of great ways to help our potatoes grow, Euan and Jamie were given the job of  checking their progress. They watered our patch and moved the soil with a rake. Keep researching  ideas on the internet to help us  find successful ways to increase our yield.

Our attendance this week was 99.6% Like most other classes we only received 5 handshakes. This week we had 3 star of the weeks. Jayla and Kylie won their awards for super collaboration in writing workshop. Euan received his award for excellent effort with his writing. I was particularly pleased that he tried his best to include all the key features from the success criteria. Keep up the good work.