18th March 2019


This week in maths we have moved onto algebra! Although it may appear daunting, everyone is quickly realising it’s not as tricky as you first think!


Red Nose Day

Thank you for all of your donations!

11th March 2019


In maths this week we finished our topic on percentages! We now feel confident in finding the percentage of various amounts! We can also convert between decimals, fractions and percentages!


In English we are now spending our time looking at discussion texts! Focusing on a discussion piece based around whether should be allowed chocolate for breakfast we have explored the various features of the text and are thinking carefully about how we could write our own.

World Book Day

4th March 2019

Well done to our English and Maths stars Abi and Luke!

In Religious education we are learning about the journey of life and death. One of our lessons this week we discussed at length the views of different religions and what they believe happens to us when we die. We talked about judgement and reincarnation. Everyone worked through a list of opinions of what happens when we die and then decided in their pairs whether it was reincarnation, judgement or both.


In art we spent time drawing various animals using the new drawing techniques that we have learnt. Everyone really took their time to ensure they produced a lovely piece of work! The outcomes were really impressive!

28th January 2019


Maths and English Superstars

Well done to Theo and Charley! Charley has tried really hard on her SPaG and has made huge improvements, whilst Theo has really impressed me with his engagement and enthusiasm during maths this week! Well done guys!


Alex, Liv and Callie (who was absent for the picture) were awarded superstars of the week! All three of them are motivated, engaged and kind members of the class and should be proud of themselves!


In English we have been learning about the active and passive voice! To help with our learning we played a zombie apocalypse game changing the different scenarios from the active to passive voice and vice versa!


After learning all about the classification of animals in science, we put our knowledge to use and began to create our own games! There have been some ace adaptations on familiar games!


Harry, Zak and Sam created their own version of hedbanz!

21st January 2019


This week the school has introduced maths and English star rewards! This week Eden received English star for his great work using colons and semi colons and Tamzin was awarded maths star for her perseverance when it came to solving reasoning problems! Well done guys!


Superstars of the week

Well done Zak and Megan! Zak has been really focused during science and Megan has grown in confidence and is really making an effort to join in class discussion! Fab effort guys! Keep it up!


In science we have placed bread around the school in different environments in order to find out where mould grows best!

Alex predicts that the mould will grow best in a dark and humid place!

We will keep on checking on the bread and recording our results over the term!

14th January 2019

Welcome back!

Well done to our first superstars of the week—Taylor, Scarlett and Harry! Taylor’s focus has been great this week, Scarlett has shown a fab understanding of fractions and Harry is reading much more and making connections between various stories! Keep it up guys!

English - In English we have spent a lot of time looking at the Iceland Christmas advert. We have discussed the message it is trying to get across, why it was banned and on what we think Iceland’s intentions really were when releasing this advert by Greenpeace. It has sparked some amazing conversations in class and everyone has shown a real passionate interest when writing their persuasive letters and when beginning to look at newspaper reports!


The class has even requested that we now donate half of our enterprise money to Greenpeace to help raise awareness on palm oil and how it affects rainforests and orang-utans!

The Circle of Life
This week everyone was introduced to our new topic—The Circle of Life! Everyone is excited to learn all about the life cycle of living things, classification grids and what microorganisms are!

Guided Reading - In guided reading we are looking at a book called Skellig. Everyone has been making lots of predictions as well as working hard at completing tasks based around the active reading strategies!

At the end of the week we have been using guided reading question mats to help us create our own questions based around a text. This week everyone chose their own article to focus on out of the first news newspapers!