14th January 2019

Welcome back!

Well done to our first superstars of the week—Taylor, Scarlett and Harry! Taylor’s focus has been great this week, Scarlett has shown a fab understanding of fractions and Harry is reading much more and making connections between various stories! Keep it up guys!

English - In English we have spent a lot of time looking at the Iceland Christmas advert. We have discussed the message it is trying to get across, why it was banned and on what we think Iceland’s intentions really were when releasing this advert by Greenpeace. It has sparked some amazing conversations in class and everyone has shown a real passionate interest when writing their persuasive letters and when beginning to look at newspaper reports!


The class has even requested that we now donate half of our enterprise money to Greenpeace to help raise awareness on palm oil and how it affects rainforests and orang-utans!

The Circle of Life
This week everyone was introduced to our new topic—The Circle of Life! Everyone is excited to learn all about the life cycle of living things, classification grids and what microorganisms are!

Guided Reading - In guided reading we are looking at a book called Skellig. Everyone has been making lots of predictions as well as working hard at completing tasks based around the active reading strategies!

At the end of the week we have been using guided reading question mats to help us create our own questions based around a text. This week everyone chose their own article to focus on out of the first news newspapers!

22nd October 2018

In guided reading we are still continuing with a Brian Selznick book—Wonderstruck. This is a story of two children who live in America—Rose and Ben. Rose’s story is told through pictures, meaning we must use our inference skills to know what is happening. Ben’s is told through words! Everyone is really involved with the story and there are always great conversations going on around the classroom! Everyone is always making predictions as to what may happen next or wondering what certain clues in the story might mean which is great to see!


We have spent time in English working on our sentence structures. This means we have been thinking much more carefully about the English tools and details that we are putting into our writing. On Friday we did a ‘slow write’ and the results have turned out amazing! Here are some examples inspired by the Alchemists letter….


By Eden


By Olivia


By Taylor

In Design and Technology we have been creating our own carousels! Everyone was given a small amount of guidance and the left to work independently! The care and concentration going on around the classroom was ace! It was great to see so many helping others as well!

Well done to our superstars of the week! Ashley, Charley and Megan! Keep up the hard work!

15th October 2018

This week we had the best attendance in the school!! We are excited to keep saving our certificates up to get some rewards!


In English we have moved onto narratives! We are basing our writing around a video called ‘The Alchemists Letter’! It’s an interesting story about a man who betrayed his family for his invention that turns objects to gold using memories for fuel! Everyone is captivated by it and we had some lovely and deep ideas when talking about the various objects in the film and what they may symbolise!


In maths we are still focusing on the four operations! We have been spending time learning how to do slightly harder division calculations using multiplication clouds and our knowledge of factors!

We also spent an afternoon creating some poppies out of tissue paper! We are making these ready for Remembrance Sunday where they will be hung up on display in Thoresby Hall!

1st October 2018


Well done to our superstars of the week—Zak, Harry and Taylor! Keep up the hard work!

Zak, Taylor and Abi also received their pen license this week!

In maths we have been looking at negative numbers! We have spent time solving calculations and word problems that involve both negative and positive numbers!


In topic we have learnt all about the history of the carousel! Everyone is now full of knowledge on when they were first created and exactly what the first carousels were like and how they functioned! We have now begun designing our own carousel horses!


Jack is proud of his number line!

This week we have been doing just dance in Extraordinary Me! Here is everyone in action!


On Wednesday it was European Languages Day! We spent the afternoon learning facts about the different languages around the world! We were shocked to discover there are around 6000 different languages spoken around Europe! We finished the afternoon off with some Greek Zorba dancing!

24th September 2018

We kicked started our topic ‘Scream Machine’ this week! We will be learning about the history of the fairground along with learning all about forces in science.  As the fairground first originated during the Victorian era, we spent  Tuesday afternoon playing with Victorian toys and watching Punch and Judy just like they did in the Victorian days! Everyone had lots of fun!

We also had a visit from a theatre company who put on a performance of ‘The Railway Children’!

In English we have spent time learning about the different types of past tense. In order to help us remember the four different types of past tense and how to identify them, we made flash cards and quizzed our partners!


Well done to our superstars of the week—Abi, Marcelina and Tamzin! Keep up the hard work!

17th September 2018

Well doe to this week’s superstars! Eden, Scarlett and Olivia have constantly been engaged and have worked really hard all week; it never goes unnoticed! Keep it up guys!


In English we are focusing on biographies. We have spent time analysing different biographies and picking out the key features in order to help us write our own!


In Religious Education we have spent time thinking about inspiring people and what makes an inspiring person. After reading stories of Jesus and Siddhartha, we spent time discussing why they may have been an inspiration to others and what traits they hold! On Thursday and Friday we developed our own leaflets explaining to people why they should want to become an inspiring person!