12th November 2018

Welcome back!

We have had a busy week settling back into our routines and starting new topics, well done for coming back with such positive attitudes 4RP!

In maths we have completed our current unit on addition and subtraction, where we have been learning to add and subtract numbers with up to four digits. We have also been learning to check our answers by completing the inverse calculation, and we have been solving missing number problems.

We are now moving onto the unit of measurement, which includes converting between metres and kilometres, and working out the perimeter of shapes.

English this week has concentrated on the story of Rama and Sita, we have created our own comic strips based on the story. We have continued our guided reading sessions each morning, and have begun looking at poetry, ready for our new topic next week.

We have spent our topic time learning about Diwali, which is a Hindu festival that began on Wednesday. We have designed our own Diva lamps, which we are going to make out of clay, and designed mendhi hand prints. We also spent some time reading about Diwali, and understanding important aspects of the Hindu faith.

Our superstar this week is Ethan, for working hard to improve the presentation of his work, well done Ethan!

Next week

Next week is anti-bullying week, we are starting this off with an ‘odd socks day’ on Monday, so please come to school on Monday wearing odd socks.

We also have Children in Need on Friday 16th, which is a non-school uniform day (please try and wear spots), for a donation of £1 (biscuit included in the price).

29th October 2018

We have been using our knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve problems this week. We have used our reasoning skills, and problem solving strategies to solve a range of problems.

This week, we have been writing our stories up neatly for our display, we’ve worked hard on improving our handwriting and producing work we are proud of. We have also become ‘sentence doctors’, where we have used our knowledge and skills to improve and correct sentences.


In RE this week we have been learning about the Mandir, and what Hindus do during worship. We have produced leaflets to inform others about what happens at the Mandir.

Our Superstar this week is Joseph, for his positive attitude towards his learning all week.

15th October 2018

We have moved on to addition and subtraction. We have been using our place value knowledge to add 10, 100 and 1000 to different numbers to see what digit changes. We have also looked at what we find easy and difficult, when adding and subtracting.

This week, we have begun our ‘hot write’, where we have been writing our own stories, based on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We all have our own targets, and have worked hard to meet them. We have used adverbs to describe speech, used fronted adverbials and used our imaginations to make it as exciting as possible!

We have been drawing perspective giants, imagining how they would look, if we were to look up at them.

Thank you for supporting our Harvest Festival on Wednesday, and for all the donations of food.

Our Superstar this week is Colby-Jay, for his brilliant writing, and the amazing

8th October 2018

We have been using our place value knowledge to learn how to represent numbers in different ways, using maths apparatus, objects, and different models.

We have continued writing dialogues between characters, trying to use more interesting words than ‘said’. We have used adverbs to describe the speech, and begun to use fronted adverbials in our sentences. We continue to learn our spellings each week, with our spelling test each Thursday.

We have continued our Hinduism topic in RE, and thought about what it means to us to be brave, and written about our own experiences, of when we demonstrated bravery.

Our Superstar this week is Joel, for his effort, concentration and focus during lessons this week.

1st October 2018


In maths we have been learning about rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000. We have done lots of different challenges and worked really hard.


We have continued to base our learning around ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. This week we have used drama to create conversations between characters, to help us learn how to use speech marks correctly in our writing.

Road Safety

This week we have used our guided reading time to read and comprehend sections of the Highway Code. We have been visited by the road safety team, who helped us understand how to keep ourselves safe.


On Friday we had a whole day learning about Hinduism, to celebrate the birthday of Lord Ganesh. We did this in lots of different ways including Punjabi dancing and making masks of Ganesh.

Our Superstar this week is Isabel, for her amazing effort in maths.

24th September 2018


In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals, and making numbers from 1 to above a thousand. We have made them, drawn them, found them and finished off with our Indiana Jones challenge.

This is us challenging our partners to make Roman numerals…


We have continued learning the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we have created actions to help us remember the story, and created our own story maps. We have begun deciding what changes we are going to make, to write our own story, based on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.


We have continued our work on forces and magnets, testing when they attract and repel. We have used iron filings to see where the magnetic field is, around a magnet.

This week we have visited the library bus to choose lots of stories for Year 4 to share.

Our Superstars this week are Ruby, for demonstrating such a positive attitude all week, and Ben for his amazing work on Roman numerals. Well done!

17th September 2018

Welcome to Year 4!

We’ve had a lovely time since we’ve been back. We began with lots of team building games, and getting to know each other games. We worked as teams to build the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows…


In maths we have been recapping addition, subtraction and multiplication, completing lots of chilli challenges. We’ve worked really hard and tried our best, even with lots of tricky sums!


We have started to learn the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we’ve all got our own copy to bring home to learn the story a bit better.

We have been retelling the story, and creating actions to help us remember it better. We are creating our own story maps to help our retelling.


We have begun our topic ‘Forces and Magnets’, by experimenting with different magnets. We have tested what they stick to, work through, and how much weight they can hold.

We have elected our School Councillor, Joseph and our Vice Councillor, Iona.

Our Superstars this week are Riley and Iona!