18th March 2019

In English, we have been learning about subordinating conjunctions, and how to use these in our writing.

We have also spent some time acting out the scene we will be writing our newspaper report about, the part where Fenrir tricks Arthur and Thor into a battle.

In maths we have been comparing fractions and adding fractions with the same denominator. We have also been using counters to work out the fraction of quantities.

In topic we have returned to ‘I am Warrior!’ We have been learning about Alfred the Great and King Athelstan, we will soon be comparing them and deciding who we think was the best King!

Comic Relief!

Thank you to everyone who came in red and donated £1 to charity. We enjoyed biscuits and an afternoon of games and quizzes!

Our English Star is Grace for always trying her best and working hard.

Our Maths Star is Iona, for always working hard, and always trying her best.

Lily is a superstar for her positive attitude, and Mia for her effort in writing tasks.

11th March 2019

This week we went to visit a Mosque in Sheffield, we had a tour of the Mosque and learned a lot from the volunteers there. It was great to have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom! We made Carr Hill proud with our behaviour, well done Year 4!

World Book Day was on Thursday this week, well done to everyone who came in pyjamas, and who shared a book from home. Thank you also, to all the parents who came to share stories at the end of the day.


In English, we have continued to work towards writing a newspaper article. We have spent time learning about different ways to start sentences, and how to use apostrophes for possession. We got together as the whole of Year 4 on Friday for an apostrophe treasure hunt, where we found the correct words needed for a range of sentences. All the missing words contained an apostrophe for possession.

In maths we have continued our unit on fractions, we have been comparing fractions and continued to learn about equivalent fractions.

We have spent 3 of our attendance award vouchers this week, on baking cakes and cookies. We worked in groups to make them, using lots of skills such as measuring, weighing, mixing and then taste-testing them!

Our English Star is Ethan, for trying hard to preserve in English, even if he finds it hard, he always carries on.

Our Maths Star is Riley, for working hard in maths and trying his best even if he finds it tricky.

4th March 2019

Welcome back!

You all came back with positive attitudes, ready for a new term, well done 4RP.

In English, we have begun a new unit, which will result in us writing a newspaper article. We have spent time this week, learning about the key features needed for a newspaper report.

In maths we have moved onto a new unit all about fractions! We have looked at representing fractions in different ways, for example as a bar model, on a number line and as pictures. We have learned about equivalent fractions, and used a fraction wall and strips of paper to help us, see the pictures below…

We have taken a short break away from Vikings, and have been learning about different religions this week, and learning about the differences and similarities between them. This has extended to our guided reading, which has focused on Islam.

Our English Star is Mia, for always having consistently high standards of writing, across all subjects.

Our Maths Star is Joel, he has worked so hard this week in all maths lessons, well done!

Joseph was a Superstar this week for his teamwork in class, he has worked so well with other people during group tasks.

18th February 2019

Another half term completed! It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks, I hope you all enjoy the break.

This week, in maths, we have been learning about area. We began by using squares to help us work out the area of a shape. We have observed and worked out how to calculate the area of a rectangle. We have just completed our fraction ‘cold task’, ready for our new unit next term.

We have been very busy this week writing our own monster story, where a hero defeats a monster. We have remembered to use expanded noun phrases, prepositions and conjunctions in our writing. Well done 4RP!

In topic we have continued ‘I am Warrior!’ by making Viking bread. We all tried some, with very different opinions about how it tasted! However, we all agreed it was very different to the bread we have at home.


Our English Star is Lily, for always trying hard, and working hard on her hot task in English, well done!

Our Maths Star is Poppy, for always working hard, and trying her best, well done Poppy!

Colby was a Superstar this week for his effort in gymnastics, well done!

Max W has been a Superstar in Spanish! He always tries his best.

Well done Ben, you are a Superstar for having a positive attitude towards learning this week.

11th February 2019

In maths we have begun to learn about area. We have worked out the area of different shapes using squares, and begun to draw different shapes, and work out what the area of those shapes is.

In English we have been learning about a range of conjunctions, and how to expand sentences using prepositions and expanded noun phrases. This is in preparation of using all of these in our story writing next week. We will also be looking at using more interesting and exciting vocabulary in our work.

In topic we have been learning about where Vikings lived, we have looked at the outside and interior of their houses, and begun designing and labelling our own versions. This is us sorting houses into modern day and Viking homes…

We have also been designing our own Viking outfits, thinking about what materials would have been used, and differentiating between the wealthy and poorer styles of clothing.

Our English Star is Iona, for the effort she puts into every piece of English work, she always tries her best.

Our Maths Star is Luke, for improvement in his reasoning and problem solving skills, well done Luke!

4th February 2019

This week we have started our new English unit, based on ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’. We have read the story, and sequenced events into key sections of the story. We completed our cold task, of writing a story about a hero defeating a monster. We have also looked at the key ingredients needed for a narrative, deciding what features we will need to remember when story writing.

We completed our hot task in maths this week, showcasing all we have learned about multiplication. We all did really well, and our knowledge of multiplication is much more secure. We then finished the week with word problems, involving all four operations.

On Friday we worked in pairs to solve a multiplication trail, where we solved calculations, and found letters that represented the answer, which resulted in us unlocking the password. This was a great chance to work in pairs and use our mathematical knowledge to solve a problem.

Our topic of ‘I am Warrior’ has continued, we have learned about what Viking men, women and children typically did, and what food they ate.

Our English Star is Colby, for his perseverance in English lessons, and always trying hard, even if it’s tricky for him.

Our Maths Star is Ruby, for working hard in all maths lessons, but also explaining her understanding to others.

Our Superstars are Thomas and Iona for their amazing hot writes, and Max W for his improved concentration and attitude to learning.