25th September 2017

English: In English we have been looking at a poem called City Jungle by Pie Corbett. We have unpicked the meaning and looked at the various figurative tools that are used to make the poem effective. To help us with our own poem structure we memorised the poem by creating a story map and using actions (take a look below). The skills we have learnt have helped us to write our own city scene poetry. 

Maths: We continued with our work on place value and began to look at rounding numbers to 10,100,1000,10,000 and 100,000. The image below may help jog your memory.

Class Election: This week we held elections for the school council. Several eager classmates nominated themselves for class councillor and stood up in front of the whole class to deliver an election speech. Well done to everyone who had the confidence to deliver such confident and inspirational speeches. Emily was voted class councillor, while Evie will act as her deputy.

This week we received 5 handshakes. 
Our attendance was a disappointing 94%
Our star of the week was Emily, her hard work, enthusiasm and kindness shone through all week.