16th October 2017

English: This week we continued with our class reader, Varjak Paw. We began planning a descriptive narrative of Varjak’s escape into the city. To help develop our writing, we continued to improve our figurative language skills. In addition, we added speech and prepositions to our toolkits. On Thursday, we began writing in an attempt to show off all of our newly developed skills. The finished results are superb and on Friday we had story time, as children read out their completed narratives. Both Mrs Bradley and I were astounded by the quality of the stories and the rest of the class were immersed in their class friends’ work.        

History: Our classroom was split into East and West Germany this week. The children began to think about what it would be like to live on either side of the Berlin wall. We then had fun role-playing the roles of a news reporter and a resident of East Germany. Our aim was to find out their thoughts and feelings of living during this time.

This week we received 7 handshakes. 
Our attendance was 99.2%
Our star of the week was Charliann, I have been very impressed with the effort she has put into her handwriting. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will have your pen licence very soon.

9th October 2017

English:  After listening to more of our Varjak Paw story we have begun to discuss the key descriptive features used by the author, SF Said.  Hopefully some of these tools will come in handy when we writ our own descriptive story based on the book. 

Maths: We have finished the unit on place value, and I am pleased to say that every child in the class improved their test score from the initial ‘Cold test task’. Keep up the good work!!

Graffiti Stars: On Monday we had an exciting day of art, where we had the opportunity to create our very own graffiti board.  The graffiti stars workshop taught us all about urban graffiti, creating stencils and the art of spray-painting. I was very impressed with the artwork produced by the class. Take a look below. 

This week we received 9 handshakes. 
Our attendance was 97.2%
Our star of the week was Riven, he showed a positive attitude all week in class.

2nd October 2017

My Name is Emily and I have been chosen to write the Blog this week.

Maths: This week we have been doing lots of exciting activities. In maths we have been doing negative and positive numbers and saying if they are bigger or smaller using these signs <>. But some people got tricked. 

English: In writing we have been doing our hot task about our city exploration. Everybody tried hard I liked all of them especially mine. Also we have been doing a cold task for our class book called ‘Varjak Paw’ it is very interesting and I would like to see what is going to happen next.


Trip: This week we went on a trip to the Retford museum. We learnt about what Retford used to be like and compared it to how we live now. We also created a life size floor map to see the development.

By Emily.

25th September 2017

English: In English we have been looking at a poem called City Jungle by Pie Corbett. We have unpicked the meaning and looked at the various figurative tools that are used to make the poem effective. To help us with our own poem structure we memorised the poem by creating a story map and using actions (take a look below). The skills we have learnt have helped us to write our own city scene poetry. 

Maths: We continued with our work on place value and began to look at rounding numbers to 10,100,1000,10,000 and 100,000. The image below may help jog your memory.

Class Election: This week we held elections for the school council. Several eager classmates nominated themselves for class councillor and stood up in front of the whole class to deliver an election speech. Well done to everyone who had the confidence to deliver such confident and inspirational speeches. Emily was voted class councillor, while Evie will act as her deputy.

This week we received 5 handshakes. 
Our attendance was a disappointing 94%
Our star of the week was Emily, her hard work, enthusiasm and kindness shone through all week.