28th May 2018

Maths: On Friday we began our geometry module, looking at identifying and measuring angles. We started off with our cold task so we could assess our areas of strength and weakness.  We all found this very tricky, and are looking forward to learning lots of new things after half term.

P.E: This week we had the opportunity to work with Bema– a specialist dance teacher from Ghana. With the world cup fast approaching we constructed a dance with a football theme. Bema was great fun and offered us lots of insight into west African dancing, as well as interesting information about Ghana. Thank you.

21st May 2018

Maths: This week we have multiplied and divided numbers by 10,100 and 1000. We spent some time drawing out our place value charts on tables,  so that we could visualise manipulating  the position of digits.

English:  This week we began reading our new class reader– The ghost of Tomas Kempe. The ideas and spooky theme of the book have been a great stimulus to aid our writing.

Topic: The class were excited to start our new topic; materials and changes. The investigation we carried out this week compared the saturation point of sugar and salt. We had to patiently add sugar to water to see when it would no longer dissolve, we repeated this with salt and created a table of results.

14th May 2018


Maths: Our work with decimals continued and we began to put our fluency skills to the test by thinking deeply with a reasoning investigation. We had lots of fun creating our own decimal numbers using dice.

English: We moved into our final week of instructional writing, which involved planning and drafting various aspects. It was important that when planning, we followed our success criteria's from our big question shopping list.  This gives us a step-by-step  guide of what needs including for us to be successful with our writing .

Topic: The children were vey pleased to get creative this week in a cross curricular Art/ R.E lesson. We looked at various stained class windows and discussed whether we recognised the biblical story or the message that the image portrayed. We then had the opportunity to make our own examples using card and coloured tissue paper.  Take a look at some of the finished results.