2nd July 2018

Maths: We started our new topic  (properties of shape).  We had fun by learning all about regular and irregular polygons, and learning about the differences. We needed to be comfortable with the mathematical language and the meanings in order to identify the shapes.

English: We continued with our work on play scripts , paying particular attention to the works of Shakespeare. The famous play script Macbeth was our focus, as we began to look at stage directions and characterization. We had fun visualising how the witches may look and act, and then role-played the characters.

Guided reading: We have been working very hard making inferences and deductions from text and film. This week we watched a short Pixar film called Dustin and were asked to make inferences from the information we were given. We then had fun writing an alternative ending.

25th June 2018

Maths: We have  developed our knowledge of angles even further by calculating missing angles on a straight line, and angles around a point. Have a go at calculating the missing angles below.

English:  This week we began our new topic, which is to learn all about play scripts. We started off the week by carrying out our cold task, the aim was to turn the events of Thomas Kempe into a play script. In the pictures below, the children are busy brain storming ideas and planning their writing.

11th June 2018

Maths: We have been looking at the points of turn on a compass, and linking this to common angles. We then began to investigate with a protractor to measure and draw angles.

English: This week we continued with our Thomas Kempe narrative. We discussed how we can use figurative language in order to build suspense and create tension.

Topic: We have been predicting which items would conduct electricity. We then built our own simple circuit to enable our light bulbs to light up.