12th March 2018

Captain Jack’s: On Monday we were fortunate enough to spend an hour at Captain Jack’s. We had great fun, while not forgetting that this was one of Seth's favourite places to visit .  Our invitation was a great gesture from the staff at  Captain Jack’s, in memory of Seth. 

World book day: Friday saw us take part in our bleated world book day. Children had the opportunity to come dressed as their favourite character from a book. In the morning, we introduced ourselves to the class and gave a brief summary of why we had chosen to dress in that particular outfit. For the rest of the day, children completed many activities such as book reviews  and book blurbs.  A huge thanks to all the parents who helped us become our favourite  characters and those who came into our classroom in the morning.

Our attendance was 95.3%

Elysia was our star of the week for showing great persistent with adding fractions with different denominators.

19th February 2018

Maths: This week we  continued our work on comparing and ordering fractions.   We now understand that there are many steps for us to remember, the children have worked very hard and shown great perseverance and are now feeling much more confident. 

English: We are in the middle of our unit of work on non-chronological reports.  We are writing  the reports about famous mythical creatures, such as Medusa.  In an attempt to generate lots of our own facts we interviewed each other, one person as the mythical creature and the other the reporter. Take a look below to see us interviewing each other.

Our attendance was 98.9%

Taylor was our star of the week, he showed great persistence and determination when working with fractions
Have a great half term guys– you deserve it.

12th February 2018

Maths: Having spent plenty of time looking at equivalent fractions, we moved on to comparing fractions with different denominators. This was quite tricky at first; we initially used bar models to help us to visualise and then worked out that finding the lowest common multiple was a good way to convert to like fractions.

Topic:  This week  the children were introduced to the story of the Trojan War,  when they were comfortable with the key events they were asked to act out various scenes from the story. Some children chose the role of a Greek, while the others took on the role of a Trojan. The following were the chosen scenes:

1.The Greeks arriving for battle.
2.Men hiding inside a wooden horse while the  Greeks pretend to sail away.
3.The Trojans bringing the horse to the gates.
4.The Greeks climbing out at night and letting the army in.
5.The final battle.

Our attendance this week was 95.2%

5th February 2018

English: This week we began to look at the middle section of our newspaper reports and decided on the news worthy highlights. We then began to adopt a newspaper tone. To help with this process we placed our ideas on sticky notes and then had the opportunity to magpie.

Topic: On Friday, we had a ‘feel good’ afternoon. We played a game in an attempt to boost our self esteem and make everyone super happy.  The rules of the game were that children had to write a positive comment about their class friends and then stick the comment on their back. Children were in good spirits and went home with big smiles on their faces. I was feeling decidedly smug, receiving comments such as: ’you have cool hair’ and ‘you’re the best’      

Our super star of the week was Riley, he has displayed great perseverance and attitude to improve his maths skills.