15th January 2018



Topic: This week in topic we have been learning all about adaptation.  We have previously learnt about the theory of evolution and Darwin’s discovery of the Galapagos finches. To continue with this, we carried out our own investigation to find out which equipment ( cocktail sticks, spoons and lolly sticks) are the most effective to pick up chocolate buttons. The equipment represented the shape of the finches beaks and gave us an increased understanding of why creatures must adapt to survive.

Art: In topic we had the chance to combine some more science with art. Sticking with the theme of adaptation, we have been learning about animals camouflaging in order to survive.  We painted a bird in our chosen colour, then we were asked to camouflage the bird. This was done by dipping a marble in paint then rolling it around our picture.

Our attendance was an excellent 100% meaning we received another attendance voucher. This was also the best attendance in the whole school and therefore we were awarded the trophy.

18th December 2017

P.E.: The previous week we watched clips of American gymnast Gabby Douglas. We took lots of inspiration from this and were able to design our own exciting routines. This week, we had the opportunity to perform our planned routines.  Everyone was very excited when they saw the equipment, such as the high bars and beam.  After a few early nerves, when so high up, the children were soon racing across. 

Christmas Enterprise: Thanks to everyone who came and bought one of our fantastic Christmas tree decorations. We made lots of profit and are hoping to treat ourselves and give some to charity. 

Maths: This week we have been focusing on area and perimeter. The children challenged themselves to calculate the perimeter of shapes with missing measurements. They drew the shapes on the tables to help visualise the calculation.

This week our attendance was 94.8%
This week we collected 8 handshakes.

9th December 2017

Christmas Enterprise preparation: This week we have been working  very hard in class to prepare our Christmas Enterprise project. On Wednesday 13th December our Tea -light Snowmen decorations will be on sale.

Survival Day: On Thursday we had a great day as we learnt what it would be like to survive in the wilderness.  We took part in many team building and adventure based activities. Take a look below to see some of the interesting activities we took part in.

Our attendance was 98.9 meaning we received another attendance voucher.

This week we collected 7 handshakes, but this was short of the 29 handshakes collected by the winning class. 

3rd December 2017

Maths: This week in maths we continued with our multiplication and division unit. We focussed on the relationship between numbers, by looking at inverse operations.

This week we completed  some of our end of term assessments. As we worked so hard, we were able to relax by reading a good book. Take a look below.

This week we received a great total of 22 handshakes, but again this was not enough to win Class of The Week. Keep being helpful and polite and the title will soon be ours.

Charliann was our Star of the week for her fantastic contribution to the Christmas Enterprise marketing campaign. Her creativity shone through as she created a super poster.