20th November 2017

The children were very pleased to add another attendance voucher to our collection and therefore increasing our cake fund.  We also scored a huge 21 handshakes, but were piped to the post again.

Children in Need:  This Friday saw lots of children attending school wearing spotty clothing, we paid £1 for the privilege and were able to raise lots of money for disadvantaged children, and young people in the UK. In ICT we were able to create our own Children in Need posters.

Anti bullying week: This week we took part in anti –bullying week in an attempt to raise awareness of bullying of children and young people, in schools and elsewhere, and to highlight ways of preventing and responding to it.


Maths: This week we started our new topic, multiplication and division. We began by learning all about factors and multiples. To help with this our multiplication and division skills needed to be well practiced. Some of us found it useful to draw on the tables in order to visualise groups of numbers.

Our stars of the work were Taylor and Riley for their excellent contribution in maths lessons.

13th November 2017

We just missed out on a voucher this week, our attendance was 96.8% After a very helpful week, we managed to collect 25 handshakes. This would normally be enough to secure class of the week, unfortunately the winning class received slightly more.     

P.E:  We have been practicing various rolls in gymnastics, these include the forward, backwards, pencil, teddy bear and egg roll.  Our aim is to become confident with all of these and the to put them into a routine.                                                                                    


Maths: Our work on statistics continued this week ,and we began to interpret information in bus and train timetables. We have been working in small groups to help support each others learning.

Book Fair: The book fair was in school this week, we had the opportunity to browse and buy some of the latest titles available.  There was also opportunity to listen to some of the top choices in a short story time.

6th November 2017


Maths: This week in maths we have been having fun by looking at statistics. At first it was a little daunting and many of us did not understand. However, we displayed a growth mind-set and a never give up attitude. We looked at data represented in line graphs, learnt the key features, answered problems and drew our own graphs. Can you name the key features of the graph below? 

Science: We had a fun filled week of science, where we were given the opportunity to experiment with light. We are now aware of different sources of light, how it travels and how a shadow is formed. On Thursday we carried out our own investigation, this involved measuring the size of shadows from different distances.

This week we received 11 handshakes. 
Our attendance was 99.2% Our star of the week was Evie, she persevered all week, even when she was finding the work a little tricky. 

23rd October 2017

After a very busy week in 5PBC we finally made it to half term. We worked hard creating posters, finishing off topic work and preparing speeches for our Urban Pioneers Gallery. When the parents arrived on Thursday, they were greeted at various points by enthusiastic members of our class. Our homework, topic, English and graffiti were all on display, as parents enjoyed seeing the great things we have been up to.

Have a great week off!