Indiana Jones and The Fate of the Roman Numerals

On Friday 22nd September, the whole of year 4 joined forces to complete an Indiana Jones themed assessment of their Roman numerals work.

Around the three classrooms, in the corridors and the library twenty-four tiles were placed. Each tile had a Roman numeral and part of a picture drawn on it. Using a grid, the children had to match the Arabic numeral to its Roman counterpart and then carefully sketch the connected image. Once all of the images were combined it gave the number of the vault in which the ancient treasure had been left.


The children thoroughly enjoyed tackling the challenge. Leo said, “This is better than doing work!” The quality of the children’s explanations, when feeding back, were outstanding. They even managed to help Mr Haslam correct where he had tried to write the date using Roman numerals but made a mistake.

Well done Year 4.