28th January 2019

This week leant about lots of opposites. We used the book “Faster, Faster,Nice and Slow” by Nick Sharratt to inspire our provision and “Big Questions” for the week.


During the week we explored the concepts of floating and sinking, near and far, wet and dry, dirty and clean amongst many others. Our provision was very popular but quite messy!

We went outside on the big playground and saw how different we looked when we were near each other and far away. We thought it was funny to see how small everyone looked when they were a long way away! You’ll need to look very carefully to see how tiny the children look in front of the buildings!

This week we joined with the rest of the school in “Road Safety Week”. We thought about the words stop and start and how traffic lights help to keep us safe. We went into the F2 playground to practise crossing at the zebra crossing using the traffic lights to know when to cross safely.

We really enjoyed changing balloons from small to big with the help of a pump. Our biggest challenge of the week was to get them home safely doing as we were taught by Nick Sharratt….”Hold on tight, don’t let it go!”

Our sign for this week is the opposite of last week’s sign. This week we have practised “goodbye” as demonstrated here. We will be encouraging children to use this sign as well as the spoken word when they leave each day.