21st January 2019

This week we have had great fun learning all about pirates. We focused on learning lots of new vocabulary and this helped us when we dressed and took on pirate roles.

We found out that pirates weren’t very nice people and that they wanted to steal treasures that people were travelling with. The children in Nursery are thankfully much kinder and we helped to celebrate two birthdays and wished one of our pupils well in their new house and school.

We used positional language to describe where to find hidden treasure using a map of the Nursery and took it in turns to look for the treasure chest.

We each had a go at making our own version of Nick Sharratt’s book “Pirate Pete”. Each page gave us options to choose from and we had lots of fun choosing. Some of the choices were quite sensible such a gold coin in the treasure chest, however lots of children chose to put a crocodile in there for an extra surprise!

Our sign for this week is “hello” as demonstrated in this video. We will be encouraging children to use this sign as well as the spoken greeting when they arrive in Nursery each day.

Next week we will be featuring another book by Nick Sharratt all about opposites called “Faster, Faster, Nice and slow” which ties in very nicely with “Road Safety Week”.