11th June 2018

As this term will see the start of lots of changes, we decided to use the term “Changes” as the start of our learning journey for this half term.

The children enjoyed exploring all about the story “The very hungry caterpillar” which many of the children already know well.

The provision was mainly centered around caterpillars, butterflies and the food he ate. The children found all of these experiences very engaging and the way they picked up new vocabulary was incredible. 

We found out about some different fruits and vegetables including aubergine, passion fruit and marrow. The children described what they could see and feel on the outside, but were particularly interested in them when we cut them open.

We introduced the word “symmetrical” which the children soon picked up and they were very interested in finding things in Nursery which were exactly the same on both sides as well as painting folded paper butterflies. 

We learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly and sang a new song to help us remember the order. This helped when we retold the story using props.
The book also stimulated lots of interest in the days of the week which led to more singing. We have a very musical Nursery!

Next week we will move on to finding out about human babies and comparing them with butterfly babies!