23rd April 2018

This week saw a few changes in Nursery. Firstly our toilets and cloakroom had a make-over in the holiday. We are delighted with the results and the children are most impressed by having a new peg!

We have also welcomed 10 new children and their families to Nursery. We have lots of families returning with their younger children. We had lots of very excited brothers and sisters who joined us at the Nursery fence at playtime to see how everyone was getting on!

This week we started the term by sharing the traditional tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

We read the story and found out which characters are in the story and what they are like. This helped us when we were in the role play castle and also when we pretended to be the giant chasing Jack. We had some very loud and scary giants!

The children found it very amusing when Mrs Gaddes pretended to be Jack’s Mum and threw real beans out of the window. We found out that a bean stalk would never grow like that and that the beans needed soil for roots to grow.

We each planted a bean in compost and put them on the window sill. We are hoping that they will grow quickly so that we can plant them outside to grow up the frame we will be putting up in the Nursery garden next week.

We hope the sunshine continues so that we can enjoy more picnics, wildlife exploring and gardening adventures again next week