26th March 2018

After lots of discussion about how we would get to Italy from Retford, we decided to look at different forms of transport.

We made a list of different vehicles which we added to as the week went on, in the end we could name more than 15.

We thought about how we could sort them using different criteria. We first decided whether they had wheels or no wheels, then we sorted into 3 sets based on where the vehicles travel, on water, in the air or on land.

Our provision gave us lots of opportunity to test out what we know about these vehicles. We compared tracks made from toy wheels in paint and foam, tested floating and sinking properties of objects and were particularly engaged by the small world town with a variety of vehicles.

We became more confident comparing the height and length of things after learning how to check which toy vehicles were the tallest and longest by using cubes and counting them.

Thankfully the weather became a little more spring like and we were impressed to see that the bulbs we planted in the Autumn have now started to flower. We will be looking for new things to plant in our Nursery garden for some summer colour and also things we may be able to eat!