19th March 2018

This week we have learnt lots about Italy. This came about from lots of discussions about whether noodles and spaghetti were the same thing.  We used our senses to see how the two compared with each other and found out that they are actually different shapes and textures. 

Jace brought in some different shaped pastas that he found on a visit to an Italian delicatessen. The children loved comparing the different shapes, sizes and Italian names.

We found out about the shapes and colours used to make up the Italian flag and also learnt how to say “Ciao” to add to the Chinese we learnt last week. 

In our provision this week we made shape pizzas, tried to make a tower straighter than the one in Pisa and used green, white and red to make collages and mixed media pictures.

The most exciting part of our week was when we got to make real pizzas. We made a list of the ingredients we needed and then made pizzas with our own choice of toppings. We had combinations of ham, cheese, peperoni, pizza sauce on their square base. The children were very clear about what they wanted and they did everything themselves with only a little adult help when they were cooked. 

We ate them at snack time and they were a big hit. We used words to describe how they tasted and they were all highly recommended. Some budding chefs for the future!