5th February 2018


This week we shared a book written by Martin Waddell “Can’t you sleep Little Bear?” We started thinking about reasons why we sometimes find it hard to sleep. Little Bear was afraid of the dark which led us on to thinking about what happens at night.

We found out all about nocturnal animals and realised that they sleep when we are awake and they wake up when we are asleep! The children were great at identifying which they were, based on stories we have read like “The owl who was afraid of the dark”.

We thought back to our previous big questions and asked “Do real bears sleep?” We watched a clip of a bear sleeping so we know it it a true fact. We found out that bears sleep for the whole winter and used the word hibernate.

We though about our own routines in the day and night time. We ordered cards to see what we do when we get up and also when we go to bed. Not everyone had the same routine but thankfully everyone included brushing their teeth twice a day!