19th February 2018

This week we continued our Goldilocks theme with a story called “A chair for Baby Bear”. Baby Bear is fed up that his chair hasn’t been mended so he goes off to the chair shop to buy a new one.


The children had great fun designing their own chairs and also buying chairs with coins in the chair shop.

When Baby bear couldn’t find a chair he liked, they went home. On the doorstep was a parcel from Goldilocks and a new chair that was just perfect to say sorry. We designed our own presents and on Wednesday made some symmetrical pictures to tell people we care about them. 

2 of our “Big Questions” this week were about picnics. We looked at the shape of some of the food we eat. We found out that lots of delicious things are circles such as biscuits, doughnuts and hula hoop crisps. We found squares, rectangles and triangles on our plates too. The children had designed fantastic masks and headbands to pretend to be the bears on a Teddy Bear’s picnic. We made everyone proud when we walked through the school to show the other teachers and children.

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes together and eating them with a variety of toppings to choose from. The children were very impressed that Mrs Gaddes managed to flip the pancake really high but didn’t get it stuck on the ceiling!

We finished our half term by asking the children which of the 6 bear stories they had enjoyed the most. We made a tally chart and “We’re going on a bear hunt” was the clear winner. 

After the half term break we will be learning all about how the Chinese celebrate New Year.