12th February 2018

This week we found out that “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is a kind of story known as a traditional tale. The children practised sequencing the story so that it made sense and had great fun finding different words that mean “big”.

The children used lots of porridge in our activities this week. It was in the playdough, on a tuff top but mainly on the floor which thankfully the children even enjoyed sweeping up!

We used mathematical vocabulary to compare the sizes of lots of items from the story but also a few others like carrots and potatoes. We were all impressed that nobody took a bite out of our “maths carrots” but the children certainly enjoyed measuring them.

The children were very quick to point out that Goldilocks hadn’t been a very kind character and needed to say sorry for what she had done. The children used head bands to take on the different roles and show what kind children we have at Carr Hill.