26th November 2018

We had lots of excited faces on Monday morning when the children saw a birthday party table! We found out why we celebrate birthdays and saw photographs of how lots of our families celebrate too.

Our provision included wrapping presents, printing wrapping paper and making birthday cards.

The most exciting part of our week was when we made strawberry jelly. It was Mrs Ellis’ real birthday on Thursday so we took the opportunity to have a jelly party treat at snack time.

During the week reading “Kipper’s Birthday”. Kipper wrote invitations to his friends but forgot to include all the important information. When we practised writing cards, we remembered to write our names so that everyone knew who it was from!

We found it very amusing hearing how to say “Happy birthday” in different languages. We even heard how to sing the song in Chinese! I wonder if we’ll find out how to say “Happy Christmas” in different languages soon too!