15th October 2018


This week we found out all about which animals would make a good pet. We started by reading “Dear Zoo” and thinking about the different characteristics of the animals


We found out that lots of the children in Nursery already have a pet at home but we also discussed what future pets we may like

We were delighted to be able to borrow Pikelet for a few days. He is the class pet of the year 3 children in Mrs Smith and Mrs Brown’s class. He is a very well behaved hamster who didn’t mind the children waking him up during the day even though he should have been asleep. He has now gone back to his own classroom but will be visiting again soon.

The good weather at the start of the week allowed us to plant winter flowering pansies over the top of the bulbs in the big tyre. The children all guessed what colour their plant might be, we are hoping they do actually grow!


Later on in the week it was so windy that we experimented with different materials to see what happened in the wind. We had lots of fun and had to catch the silk scarves before they blew up into the trees!