1st October 2018

This week we thought about how we find out information. We started by finding out new facts about elephants. The children loved looking in non-fiction books. We found out that elephants bathe in a river and are the largest animal that lives on the land.


We also found out that you can use technology to find out information and they started to explore this by asking the iPad what it knew about elephants!


On Wednesday we celebrated “European languages day”. The morning children were very lucky to have one of our very talented parents visit and read us a story in French. The children were fascinated that it didn’t sound the same as English.


We practised saying “Bonjour” and also singing “Frère Jacques”. The afternoon children also got their chance to do this but found it very funny that Mrs Gaddes was saying words they couldn’t understand!


We labelled the body parts of an elephant and compared it with Elmer to see if he had all the same parts, he didn’t any have tusks but was otherwise a perfect elephant! We also compared with human beings and realised that there are quite a few differences.

The sunshine gave us a chance to take out the bedding plants in our garden and make a few changes. We are looking forward to replanting the daffodil and tulip bulbs and also a few new plants that will hopefully survive the winter! Come and have a look at what we’ve planted them in….it may surprise you!