29th January 2018

This week we continued our topic about “Bear stories” with our second book by Michael Rosen. We started by finding out about what other books he had written and were delighted to find lots of them in school including “Little Rabbit Foo Foo” and “The Bear in the Cave”.

We compared the stories “We’re going on a bear hunt” and “The Bear in the Cave” and fund that Michael Rosen had included lots of the same things.

They both had bears, a cave and a beach and the characters started from their home then went on a journey which they then went back in reverse and finally went back home again.

We looked at the places the bear had visited and found pictures of real cities, markets parks and beaches to compare with those in the story. The children were especially fascinated by the pictures of Retford Market and King’s Park. 

We made a giant story map of “The Bear in the Cave” and followed the bear’s journey through all the different settings and back again. We even went on our very own Bear hunt through school!