22nd January 2018


This week we found out that Michael Rosen wrote “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. We watched a video of him telling the story and loved all the actions and funny faces he did. We joined in with his actions and it made our storytelling much more enjoyable. 

We thought about the setting of the story and discussed who the characters might be. 
Our provision this week has been inspired by the things the children saw on their journey. 

On Thursday our big question asked… “Are bears real?” This prompted lots of conversation about where the children have seen bears such as the polar bears at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. 

We watched a video that taught us lots of facts about different types of bears including Honey Bears, Spectacled Bears and Pandas. 
The children were fascinated (and slightly horrified) to see a bear eating  fish it had caught straight from the river….without cooking it first!

We thought about the different body-parts bears have and labelled a picture of a bear so that we could share this information with other people. 

Don’t forget to have a look at our new learning journey display in the classroom. The work we have done on “Bear stories” is looking great already and we’re only 2 weeks into our 6 week journey! 


Next week we will be reading another Michael Rosen story called “The Bear in the Cave”. It is based on the bear in “We’re going on a bear hunt” and explains what he gets up to on another trip out.