15th January 2018


This week welcomed 6 new children and their families to our Nursery. We are sure they will all feel settled very soon and enjoy being part of our Carr Hill family.
When we came back we found out that the storm in the holidays had caused some damage to our playground. We looked at what had happened and started to think about how we could fix things again. 


We started this term with a story called “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?” It is a story with lots of differently coloured animals. We thought about the colours animals are and whether the ones in the story were actually correct. We used story stones to help us to sequence the story and count how many animals there were.

We soon found out that of the 10 animals mentioned, 2 were the wrong colour. Cats are definitely not purple and horses would look very strange if they were actually blue!

Our provision this week used lots of colour and the children took up the challenges of threading laces on bears, colourful collages and weighing bears amongst many other activities.

This led us on to finding out about the colours of the rainbow. We learned that there are 7 colours and they always come in the same order. We used ICT to help us practise and also found out that there was a rainbow in the story of Noah and his ark.

Next week will continue our bear stories theme as we go on a bear hunt!