2nd July 2017

This week has been aspirations week in school and we have been learning all about different jobs. The children have had a taste of different jobs through role play in the provision. They have had access to a hairdressers, jewellery shop, take away, post office, metal detecting, 'chefs kitchen', McDonalds and more! The children have showed lots of interest in different occupations and have throughly enjoyed the different experiences. We shared some of the jobs we might want to have when were older between us, some wanted to be policemen, teachers, firemen and others wanted to be mermaids and rainbows! 

All of the cocoons turned into butterflies this week. When we arrived back at school after the weekend we had three butterflies which very very quickly turned into four, five, six and seven! The children have been brilliant at observing the changes and watching them grow. We fed them apples and once they had all hatched we took them to the community garden to set them free. Some of the butterflies stayed on Miss Smith's hand for quite a while so we got to see them up close. The children commented on the colours, the wings and even noticed it looked like it hair 'fur' on its body. I felt a bit emotional letting them go and seeing the children's excitement as they flew away into the big wide world and said goodbye. What a wonderful experience had by all!