6th February 2017

This week we had a visitor to our Nursery. We have been lucky enough to look after MiMi the African land snail for the week. The children really took to making sure she was settled in okay- giving Miss Smith daily updates on her every move! Some of the children used Miss Smiths iPad to record their friends holding her. These are some of the things the children said about her...

"It feels a bit slimy"- Isla
"It feels a bit movey"- Charley
"It's wriggling"- Euan
"It's got loads of different colours on its shell"- Alex
"Hey it's tickling me!"- Travis 

This week we have been reading Norman the slug with the silly shell by Sue Hendra. Some of the children enjoyed making a new shell for Norman using a wide range of resources.

On Friday it was Miss Smith's Birthday. The children all made her feel super special by singing happy birthday and doing some dancing, we even shared some cake!!