27th November 2017

On Monday we started our week about “birthdays” by finding out what the word birthday actually meant. The children were fascinated to find out it was a celebration of being born. We did lots of activities around babies and the children showed that they can be very caring and thoughtful. 

We followed this by finding out the different ways we celebrate birthdays including cake, parties, cards, presents and singing “Happy birthday”. We looked at cards from different countries and even learnt how to sing “Happy Birthday” in Chinese. It was Mrs Ellis’ birthday on Wednesday and she was very surprised when sang to her!

We have been reading the story “Kipper’s Birthday” where Kipper invites friends to his party tomorrow. We used this as an opportunity to practise the days of the week and also introduce the words yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

We finished the week in true party style. We made jelly and ate it at snack time. The children knew that we had to follow the instructions on the packet and that we had to be patient. It was definitely worth the wait!