13th November 2017


We started this week by finding out what a poppy actually is. Lots of adults had been people wearing badges and the children were curious about them. We looked at some real poppy seeds and will plant them in the Spring. 

We looked carefully at different poppies and labelled the different parts together. We found out that the petals were usually red, the central part with the seeds in was always black and the stem and leaves were green. We used these colours in lots our provision activities this week. 

We found out that Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday were at the weekend so we thought about the different emotions we have. This helped us when we found out about the reason we wear poppies. We realised that people fighting and dying is very sad. We also talked about being proud of soldiers.

The children were very thoughtful and let Mrs Crossland borrow some of our artwork to take to a Remembrance concert. She showed us a huge poppy that she was also taking. It was bigger than the children!