23rd October 2017

This week we had a first when Maisy brought in a banana plant from her Grandma's garden. Everyone was very curious about it and it made us wonder about where else in the world bananas grow. It was sad to say goodbye to Iysha, one of our morning children who is moving to Jamaica next week. I wonder if bananas grow there as well as they do in Retford! 

We had a week learning lots about Fish and after a vote to choose a name, our goldfish is now called "Goldie" and has been joined by "Toffee". The children have looked after them very well but they are spending half term being well looked after by Mrs Burman and her family. 
As you can see in these photos, we had a great time learning all about fish! 

When we come back after half term we are ready to have more fun learning all about Bonfire Night.