16th October 2017

This week we found out all about what makes some animals better pets than others. We read “Dear Zoo” and realised that a dog was a much better pet than a fierce lion or a grumpy camel!

We had our first school photos this week and also went on a listening walk around school to see what we could hear inside and outside. We heard very loud sounds when we practised drumming in our phonics lesson too!

Later on in the week we decided it would be a great idea to get a class pet and after a bit of thought, we decided that fish might be the perfect pet to have at Nursery.
We had to find out about everything we needed to have before getting our pet. We found out that we had to set up the tank a long time before putting the fish in so that the water was just right.

Our fish was already in the tank when we came to school on Friday and it looks very happy so far. Each day our special helper will feed the fish and we will have to clean the tank too.
Our challenge for next week is to learn lots more about fish and vote for the best name for our new pet.