14th January 2019

We started the term with lots of exciting activities based around the story “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson.

We used stick puppets to act out the story in our small world area, dressed up in the role play Gruffalo’s cave and even had Gruffalo crumble and scrambled snakes in the sensory area.

The children are learning how to sign some simple words phrases which we will be encouraging them to use along with the spoken words. This week we learnt the sign for “please” and is demonstrated beautifully in this video.

We have learnt the signs for some of the question words we use each day in our “Big Question” time.

Who did the mouse meet in the Gruffalo story?”, “What does the Gruffalo look like?”, “Where did the mouse go in the story?” and “Why do you like this book?” We will repeat these action every time we use these question words.

Next week we are looking forward to starting our author study on the books by Nick Sharratt. We will be starting with “Pirate Pete” and are looking forward to lots of pirate themed activities.

25th December 2018


We finished our last week with our Christmas party and even a visit from Santa. The children enjoyed party food, games and lots of dancing.

We wrote a letter to Santa to suggest some gifts that we might like. We were very impressed to see how the children’s mark making is improving. Holding a pencil using the “Baby Shark” grip seems to be working a treat!


We found out about the food people have at Christmas and even what different people are going to leave out for Santa to enjoy on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to leave something for the reindeer too!

We look forward to starting the Spring Term on Monday 7th January. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you in 2019!

17th December 2018

This week we found out lots about winter, snow and ice. Snowmen featured in lots of our provision and a challenge to get buttons out of a block of ice kept the children fascinated for hours until it finally melted.

Our “Big Questions” this week were about the shapes on snowmen, what happens when they melt and why and also about the changes we see in winter.

We were very lucky that it was a frosty morning on Friday and the tuff top in the courtyard had completely frozen so we explored all the winter changes while we were there.

We made green playdough for the Christmas Enterprise Fair and sold it in bags with decorations to make a Christmas tree at home. The F2 children sold them in the hall. When combined with the F2 children’s candy cane reindeer, we made a total profit of £61. Well done everyone!

Don’t forget it is party day on Monday 17th between 12:30 and 3:30. Wear your party clothes and bring your best disco moves!

10th December 2018

As we moved into December this week, we started to decorate the Nursery together. We each chose a decoration to put onto the tree. We looked carefully at the real fir tree in the main entrance and also compared holly and ivy.

Later on in the week we made a graph to show which of the 5 decorations was the most popular. Everyone chose a picture to add to our graph. The star was a clear winner.

On Friday we invited parents to join us for the Christmas craft morning. Everyone made a clay star or tree which we are drying ready for finishing the decorations next week.

Don’t forget that the school’s “Enterprise Craft Fair” will be held at school on Friday 14th December at 2pm. The Nursery children are making Christmas tree playdough sets which Mrs Ellis will be selling in the hall.

3rd December 2018

We have been practising hard for our upcoming roles in “The Bossy King”. We have even made our own head bands to wear!

The song we are starring in is called “The big yellow moon”. This posed the question “Is the moon yellow or white?” as well as many others!

We used Big Question time to find out about the moon and stars. We used the nursery rhymes “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Hey Diddle Diddle” to help us.


We asked “Does the moon always look the same?” and “Can a cow really jump over the moon?” We even made a campfire to sit around and star-gaze!

We found out that the world in “Twinkle, Twinkle” is Planet Earth and lots of other very ambitious vocabulary for 3 and 4 year olds. They have certainly shown a real enthusiasm for the subject and want to do more about space next week!

Don’t forget your tickets for “The Bossy King”. They are available from class teachers and we have a few left. The performances are at 10:30 and 2:30 but don’t forget your tissues, there won’t be a dry eye in the hall!

26th November 2018

We had lots of excited faces on Monday morning when the children saw a birthday party table! We found out why we celebrate birthdays and saw photographs of how lots of our families celebrate too.

Our provision included wrapping presents, printing wrapping paper and making birthday cards.

The most exciting part of our week was when we made strawberry jelly. It was Mrs Ellis’ real birthday on Thursday so we took the opportunity to have a jelly party treat at snack time.

During the week reading “Kipper’s Birthday”. Kipper wrote invitations to his friends but forgot to include all the important information. When we practised writing cards, we remembered to write our names so that everyone knew who it was from!

We found it very amusing hearing how to say “Happy birthday” in different languages. We even heard how to sing the song in Chinese! I wonder if we’ll find out how to say “Happy Christmas” in different languages soon too!

19th November 2018

We started this week wearing odd socks. This was in support of Anti-bullying week. We thought about all the ways that positive behaviour was much nicer than anything negative.

We followed this by sharing two books about kindness, “Have you filled a bucket today?” and “The smartest Giant in town.” Our provision included a charity shop and lots of bucket activities. We also used the items of clothing that George the Giant gave away as activity starters.

We had great fun finding out about ice this week. The children were fascingated by the small ice cubes and how quickly they melted into a puddle of water. When we froze a much larger block of ice, it did the same but it melted much slower and developed a huge hole which we could drop our small world polar animals inside!

We finished the week by raising money for Children in Need. We got dressed up in spots, pudsey clothes and non-uniform and enjoyed a cookie that Mrs Parsons had made for us. Mr Beswarick thought we deserved an extra treat so delivered some special Pudsey balloons that everyone was delighted by. We have some very kind staff and families at Carr Hill. A big thank you to everyone!

12th November 2018

We started this half term with lots of chat about what the children had got up to in the holidays. It was clear that they had enjoyed celebrating Halloween and also Bonfire Night too.

This helped us to think about the ways we celebrate things in similar and different ways to other families.

Our provision was very colourful and the children really enjoyed representing fireworks using different materials including using the iPads.

We found out about the basic story behind the Gunpowder Plot but we really enjoyed finding out about some of the foods that are eaten on Bonfire Night.

Mrs Moult made some bonfire toffee and cinder toffee for us to taste. We all helped to cut up vegetables to make our own pumpkin soup which lots of children said tasted delicious.

Next week we are looking forward to a week all about kindness which will fit in nicely with Anti-bullying week and also Children in Need next Friday. Don’t forget to wear your odd socks on Monday!

29th October 2018

We finished this half term with a focus on stories with a witch as the main character. The children have been telling us how they are excited about some spooky celebrations going on in half term so we wanted to capture this enthusiasm.

Our provision contained lots of spiders and pumpkins and lots of orange and black creations. We shared “Room on the Broom” an several “Winnie the Witch” stories. Our newest book is called “What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?” so we turned our role play area in to exactly that! The children loved that it is a lift the flap book with nice and nasty options. The children were very engaged in cooking up some dreadful combinations of food as well as some nice ones!

The children and staff have worked very hard this term, so we all deserve a week off! Have great fun and don’t forget to post pictures on Tapestry of all the things you get up to so we can share them when we get back on Tuesday 6th November.

22nd October 2018

This week we continued to think about more pets we have at home. Mrs Holtom brought in her guinea pigs Derek and Douglas. They were very well behaved and the children were amazed how much bigger than Pikelet the hamster they are!

We concentrated mainly on fish as pets this week. Our provision, big questions and stories all had a very fishy theme!

The pansies outside have started to grow and so far we have several purple ones. The children are beginning to wonder if we only planted one colour but we are trying to be patient to see if any different colours have grown after the weekend.

15th October 2018


This week we found out all about which animals would make a good pet. We started by reading “Dear Zoo” and thinking about the different characteristics of the animals


We found out that lots of the children in Nursery already have a pet at home but we also discussed what future pets we may like

We were delighted to be able to borrow Pikelet for a few days. He is the class pet of the year 3 children in Mrs Smith and Mrs Brown’s class. He is a very well behaved hamster who didn’t mind the children waking him up during the day even though he should have been asleep. He has now gone back to his own classroom but will be visiting again soon.

The good weather at the start of the week allowed us to plant winter flowering pansies over the top of the bulbs in the big tyre. The children all guessed what colour their plant might be, we are hoping they do actually grow!


Later on in the week it was so windy that we experimented with different materials to see what happened in the wind. We had lots of fun and had to catch the silk scarves before they blew up into the trees!

8th October 2018

This week we used our knowledge of animals that live in the wild. Firstly we read “Walking through the jungle” which encouraged us to think about what we might see and hear in the jungle.

On Wednesday we thought about the different ways wild animals move their bodies and we had great fun trying to do the same!


We looked very carefully at the differences between the animals and used different criteria to sort toy animals into hoops.

We introduced the word “describe” and the children were great at thinking of words that reflected the way the animals look or feel. Some super adjectives which were also put to good use when we made fantastic paper plate animals for our speech bubble display.

1st October 2018

This week we thought about how we find out information. We started by finding out new facts about elephants. The children loved looking in non-fiction books. We found out that elephants bathe in a river and are the largest animal that lives on the land.


We also found out that you can use technology to find out information and they started to explore this by asking the iPad what it knew about elephants!


On Wednesday we celebrated “European languages day”. The morning children were very lucky to have one of our very talented parents visit and read us a story in French. The children were fascinated that it didn’t sound the same as English.


We practised saying “Bonjour” and also singing “Frère Jacques”. The afternoon children also got their chance to do this but found it very funny that Mrs Gaddes was saying words they couldn’t understand!


We labelled the body parts of an elephant and compared it with Elmer to see if he had all the same parts, he didn’t any have tusks but was otherwise a perfect elephant! We also compared with human beings and realised that there are quite a few differences.

The sunshine gave us a chance to take out the bedding plants in our garden and make a few changes. We are looking forward to replanting the daffodil and tulip bulbs and also a few new plants that will hopefully survive the winter! Come and have a look at what we’ve planted them in….it may surprise you!


24th September 2018

This week we found out all about Elmer from the David McKee stories. He is a patchwork elephant who is very kind and funny. He is very good at making the other animals laugh.

This made us think about our own talents. Each of the children could tell us what they feel they are good at. These range from running, riding bicycles and digging to giving hugs!

We thought about some of the things we might like to get better at and it showed that the children clearly have high expectations of themselves! Mrs Gaddes would like to improve her drawing skills and the children all volunteered to help. Apparently all you need to do is practise!

17th September 2018

We started off this term thinking about what a colourful world be live in. We found 9 different colours in Nursery which we named. We also discussed different shades of each colour which meant that we had found even more!

We looked both inside and outside for these colours and were found lots of different examples.

We found out that people liked many different colours but pink was the favourite colour with 6 children choosing it.

The children helped to record it in a tally chart so that we could easily see which had the biggest number.

We have welcomed lots of new children to Nursery and they have all made an excellent start to the term with the help of the older children. Well done everyone!