25th July 2018


We held our Summer Enterprise challenge to estimate the number of sweets in the jar. Our lucky winner got to take the jar home with him!

Our final few days in Nursery this year have been great fun.

We had a lovely time at the Summer Picnic on Tuesday. We had a bit of water play with the hosepipe and played parachute games as well as enjoying our picnic under the tree.

We would like to thank everyone for making this year so special. Your fantastic children have made it a year we will all look back on very fondly. 


We hope everyone has a lovely summer and we look forward to our new challenges in September.

16th July 2018

This week was all about potatoes in Nursery.  Mrs Alford helped the morning children to dig them up and they counted 6 from one plant. When Mrs Gaddes and the afternoon children dug up another plant it had 13 potatoes.

We made a list of all the different ways we eat potatoes. These included mashed, boiled and jacket potatoes but the firm favourites were crisps and chips.

We washed, scraped and cut the potatoes ready for turning into potato wedges. We cooked them in the oven in the staff room for 40 minutes and then ate them at snack time.

Most of the children thought they were delicious! We also got to taste crisps to compare with our wedges. They were much crunchier but equally tasty!

9th July 2018

This week in Nursery we thought about the different foods we eat. We remembered that the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” ate some foods that were healthier than others.


We found out that the food we eat gives us energy, makes us strong and healthy, and helps us to grow. We also found out that most of us find eating very enjoyable despite having slightly strange combinations of favourite foods!

We discussed the meals we eat at the different times of day and the cutlery and crockery we us to eat different foods. We even had another go at using chopsticks!

It was so hot this week that we had to water the plants to give them what they need to grow, we were very careful not to waste water although Mrs Holtom did manage to water some of the children in the process which they thought was great fun

2nd July 2018

This week we discovered some new information about colours. We experimented with mixing 2 colours together and found that we could make lots of new colours. 

When we mixed white and black we noticed that they usually made the colours lighter and darker but not always! Mixing white with red and black surprised us by making entirely new colours!

We found out that some colours couldn’t be mixed and we learned that they are called primary colours. We have to buy red, yellow and blue instead!  


We had sports day on a very hot Wednesday morning but we had great fun showing our friends and families just how fantastic we are at lots of different sports skills. We would like to thank everyone who was able to join us for another memorable Carr Hill event..