21st May 2018

This week we found out the similarities between the fox in “The Gingerbread Man” and the “Big Bad Wolf” from our last two stories. The children soon picked up that they were both hungry and not very nice characters and we certainly wouldn’t like to meet them!

We had fun making a tally chart of the parts of a gingerbread biscuit that we would eat first. The head was clearly the most popular although we did have a few variations!

We had lots of different Gingerbread Man themed activities for the children to choose and they clearly know the story very well now as lots of language from the story was heard around the Nursery all week.

We made some repeating patterns for the Gingerbread Man’s buttons and found out that it was a pattern that goes on and on and on…which the children found very amusing!

This week we loved the sunshine again. We made sure we were all safe from the sun by wearing hats and finding shade from our trees. The children worked out that the sun was moving as we had to keep moving things whenever the shade moved!


Next week we are finishing the half term with activities based on weddings as we are quite excited about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

14th May 2018

This week we carried on learning about traditional tales with another story that features the Big Bad Wolf – “Little Red Riding Hood”. This gave us the opportunity to use lots of red in our provision which we explored using our senses, marking making and also in role play.

The children wanted another “funky fingers” challenge this week, so we used sand timers to see how many items we could put into the egg box but using tweezers rather than fingers.  The children also made up their own challenges.

The weather allowed us to spend lots of time in the Nursery garden again. We finally got chance to plant the runner beans out and we are looking forward to seeing if they will grow up our pyramid.

Our big questions included learning some new positional language to see where the wolf was hiding, discussing our favourite parts of the story and also writing a list of the items in Red Riding Hood’s basket.

We realised that a few children confuse the wolf with a fox, so next week we will look at the differences between them when we meet a sly fox in “The Gingerbread Man”.


7th May 2018

Having been inspired by the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” last week, the children helped to choose which story we should have for this week. “The Three Little Pigs” was a clear winner.

This gave us the opportunity to explore straw, sticks and bricks first hand. We took the opportunity to build using a range of interesting resources.

The sugar cube challenge went down very well with the children, they built walls and towers but then tried to blow them down. If it fell down easily, they tried again to see if they could make it stronger. We had some interesting approaches to it and it really gave the characteristics of perseverance and making links in their learning, that we have been encouraging, a chance to shine.

The warmer weather meant that most children chose to visit the outside area and enjoyed building dens and climbing as well as a bit of gardening to prepare for the beans to be planted so they can grow up out stick pyramid.

Our “Big Questions” this week included looking at the shapes we can see on different houses and also finding out about rhyming words such as huff and puff.

The children have been so fascinated by the “Big Bad Wolf” in the story that our next book choice is “Little Red Riding Hood” and we are already wondering if it is the same Wolf!

30th April 2018

This week we shared the story “The 3 Billy Goats Gruff”. We thought about how it would feel to meet the Troll under the bridge. Some children thought they might be frightened whilst others thought that they would feel brave like the third goat.

Our week involved lots of bridge building, climbing and role play. They children remembered lots of the story and used the language when they acted in character. 

Other areas we investigated this week included lots of science activities such as floating and sinking and magnetism. In maths, we explored repeating patterns and lots of number and counting problems to solve as well as comparing sizes of goats and each other!

The older children helped our new children to settle into the Nursery and showed them what kind friends we can be whether we are learning inside or out.


Next week the children have chosen the story “The 3 Little Pigs” as our story focus.