5th & 12th March

We started this half term by celebrating Chinese New Year. We found out that people first clean their homes, wear new clothes and decorate their homes. We found out that red is a lucky colour so we used lots of red in the provision.

Unfortunately the snow came and didn’t stop. We enjoyed it while we were at school but got the chance to play in it lots more when the school closed for 3 days. The children sent in lots of pictures of them experiencing their first real snow and we shared these with our friends.

When we returned to school we continued to learn about Chinese New Year. We found out that the children born in 2013 were born in the year of the snake, and those born in 2014 were the year of the horse. The children found it most amusing that Mrs Gaddes was a rat!

We enjoyed trying some Chinese food, prawn crackers, rice, noodles and sweet and sour sauce. We also used these in the provision and the children enjoyed using all their senses for a true Chinese experience. 

We watched some Chinese lion dances and then had a go ourselves. We got the biggest drum we could find and some cymbals and used colourful material in our dances. We found a lion head costume near Mrs Alford’s office when we went to visit the music room for the instruments.

This weekend we celebrated Mother’s day so we made a card with fork printed flowers and took a rose home for our Mums. We thought about what made each of our Mums special and what they were good at. The children came up with lovely ideas. We hope all our Mums had a lovely day.

On Friday we held our postponed World Book Day. Every child came in costume and looked great. The morning children had books and biscuits with parents who were able to stay. The afternoon children also had biscuits but a surprise visit from Mr Grayson who came to read them one of his favourite stories before home time

19th February 2018

This week we continued our Goldilocks theme with a story called “A chair for Baby Bear”. Baby Bear is fed up that his chair hasn’t been mended so he goes off to the chair shop to buy a new one.


The children had great fun designing their own chairs and also buying chairs with coins in the chair shop.

When Baby bear couldn’t find a chair he liked, they went home. On the doorstep was a parcel from Goldilocks and a new chair that was just perfect to say sorry. We designed our own presents and on Wednesday made some symmetrical pictures to tell people we care about them. 

2 of our “Big Questions” this week were about picnics. We looked at the shape of some of the food we eat. We found out that lots of delicious things are circles such as biscuits, doughnuts and hula hoop crisps. We found squares, rectangles and triangles on our plates too. The children had designed fantastic masks and headbands to pretend to be the bears on a Teddy Bear’s picnic. We made everyone proud when we walked through the school to show the other teachers and children.

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes together and eating them with a variety of toppings to choose from. The children were very impressed that Mrs Gaddes managed to flip the pancake really high but didn’t get it stuck on the ceiling!

We finished our half term by asking the children which of the 6 bear stories they had enjoyed the most. We made a tally chart and “We’re going on a bear hunt” was the clear winner. 

After the half term break we will be learning all about how the Chinese celebrate New Year.

12th February 2018

This week we found out that “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is a kind of story known as a traditional tale. The children practised sequencing the story so that it made sense and had great fun finding different words that mean “big”.

The children used lots of porridge in our activities this week. It was in the playdough, on a tuff top but mainly on the floor which thankfully the children even enjoyed sweeping up!

We used mathematical vocabulary to compare the sizes of lots of items from the story but also a few others like carrots and potatoes. We were all impressed that nobody took a bite out of our “maths carrots” but the children certainly enjoyed measuring them.

The children were very quick to point out that Goldilocks hadn’t been a very kind character and needed to say sorry for what she had done. The children used head bands to take on the different roles and show what kind children we have at Carr Hill.

5th February 2018


This week we shared a book written by Martin Waddell “Can’t you sleep Little Bear?” We started thinking about reasons why we sometimes find it hard to sleep. Little Bear was afraid of the dark which led us on to thinking about what happens at night.

We found out all about nocturnal animals and realised that they sleep when we are awake and they wake up when we are asleep! The children were great at identifying which they were, based on stories we have read like “The owl who was afraid of the dark”.

We thought back to our previous big questions and asked “Do real bears sleep?” We watched a clip of a bear sleeping so we know it it a true fact. We found out that bears sleep for the whole winter and used the word hibernate.

We though about our own routines in the day and night time. We ordered cards to see what we do when we get up and also when we go to bed. Not everyone had the same routine but thankfully everyone included brushing their teeth twice a day!