2nd July 2017

This week has been aspirations week in school and we have been learning all about different jobs. The children have had a taste of different jobs through role play in the provision. They have had access to a hairdressers, jewellery shop, take away, post office, metal detecting, 'chefs kitchen', McDonalds and more! The children have showed lots of interest in different occupations and have throughly enjoyed the different experiences. We shared some of the jobs we might want to have when were older between us, some wanted to be policemen, teachers, firemen and others wanted to be mermaids and rainbows! 

All of the cocoons turned into butterflies this week. When we arrived back at school after the weekend we had three butterflies which very very quickly turned into four, five, six and seven! The children have been brilliant at observing the changes and watching them grow. We fed them apples and once they had all hatched we took them to the community garden to set them free. Some of the butterflies stayed on Miss Smith's hand for quite a while so we got to see them up close. The children commented on the colours, the wings and even noticed it looked like it hair 'fur' on its body. I felt a bit emotional letting them go and seeing the children's excitement as they flew away into the big wide world and said goodbye. What a wonderful experience had by all!

23rd June 2017

This week the children have participated in our Foundation sports day event and what a day it was! The sun was out and for some of the children it was their first EVER sports day. I cannot put into words how proud I am of all the children and how well behaved they were, they adapted to something new, took it in their stride and had a go! Well done to all. 

The children were also very excited this week because the caterpillars have all turned into cocoons and they could be transferred into the pop up butterfly garden. The children watched them with interest, anticipating when they would "nibble their way out and turn into a beautiful butterflies". It was Luke who first noticed one of the butterflies emerging from its cocoon. He ran over excitedly to tell Miss Smith who was just as shocked as he was! 

We finished the week by baking white chocolate crispy buns with marshmallows. The children seemed to very much enjoy this and were especially keen to take them home and eat them.

What a busy week we've had!

19th June 2017

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about colours. We started off learning what primary and secondary colours are, their names and what they look like. We then looked at how we can mix primary colours to make secondary colours. The children were really good at remembering these! 

On Thursday we focused on how to choose colours correctly when drawing a picture. Together we drew a picture of the Nursery garden carefully choosing the right colour felt pens to represent each object. We chose blue for the railings, brown for the shed and stage, green for the grass, brown and green for the tree, blue for the sky etc. 

The children have been brilliant at taking their learning from the big question into the provision this week and we've done lots of mixing paints, drawing pictures, exploring colour.

Next week we are doing lots of sports day practice ready for the big day on Wednesday!

12th June 2017

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have mainly been focusing on sequencing parts of The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. The children have been brilliant at putting parts of the story in order. As a class we have ordered the days of the week, the fruit that he eats, the snacks that he eats and the stages of transforming from an egg into a butterfly. 

The children enjoyed playing The Very Hungry Caterpillar games in the provision and were brilliant at involving each other, making sure everybody got a turn and celebrating if somebody else won. 

Some of the children used the story sack to order parts of The Very Hungry Caterpillar independently too!