20th November 2017


This week was National anti-bullying week. We thought it was a perfect opportunity to link our work on Remembrance to the work done to raise money for “Children in Need”.


We started the week by looking at the story “ Have you filled a bucket today?” this showed us how our own attitude can also affect how other people react to us.  The children quickly picked up that positivity is an important factor and it linked nicely to our work on emotions from last week. 

This also gave us opportunity to use lots of bucket linked activities in our provision and the children had great fun comparing the capacity of different sized buckets as well as using collage materials to decorate their own bucket.

We then looked at another book by Julia Donaldson –“The Smartest Giant in Town” where George the Giant is so kind to the animals that they write a letter to him and make him a gift to say thank you. The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in the items that George used in the story as well as a first introduction into telling the time. 

We noticed that it is getting much colder outside which has raised lots of interest so we looked at ice and how it melts, clothes we need for different weathers and also animals that live in an even colder climate. 

Our Nativity this year is called “Mary’s knitting” so Mrs Bradley came to show the afternoon children how to knit and what a blanket for the baby Jesus would look like once it had been knitted. Mrs Crossland is going to show our morning children how to knit next week, we really do have some talented staff at Carr Hill!

On Friday we joined in the school’s fundraising activities when we all paid a pound to dress in spots for the day. We had great fun doing Pudsey Bear related activities and Mrs Parsons made us all a Pudsey biscuit for snack time.

We counted the money we had collected. We had raised £25 to add to the school’s total. Well done everyone!

13th November 2017


We started this week by finding out what a poppy actually is. Lots of adults had been people wearing badges and the children were curious about them. We looked at some real poppy seeds and will plant them in the Spring. 

We looked carefully at different poppies and labelled the different parts together. We found out that the petals were usually red, the central part with the seeds in was always black and the stem and leaves were green. We used these colours in lots our provision activities this week. 

We found out that Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday were at the weekend so we thought about the different emotions we have. This helped us when we found out about the reason we wear poppies. We realised that people fighting and dying is very sad. We also talked about being proud of soldiers.

The children were very thoughtful and let Mrs Crossland borrow some of our artwork to take to a Remembrance concert. She showed us a huge poppy that she was also taking. It was bigger than the children! 

6th November 2017

We started this term with thinking about what is special about this time of year. We found out what we will see happening in our environment now it is Autumn. We used lots of orange, red, brown and yellow to make pictures and collages.

We looked at a selection of Autumn vegetables including pumpkins which we enjoyed hammering golf tees into!

We knew that Bonfire Night was approaching so we thought about what we would see and hear. The afternoon children even managed to join in with Mr Grayson and Miss Stallworthy’s children as they saw some real fireworks being set off. It was great to use our senses and we could even smell the smoke!

On Thursday we found out about the kinds of foods people eat and rather than wasting the pumpkins from earlier in the week, we used them to make pumpkin soup which went down surprisingly well with the children when they tasted it.

Fireman Sam helped us to learn about keeping everyone safe on bonfire night even our pets.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November.
Have a great Bonfire Night everyone!

23rd October 2017

This week we had a first when Maisy brought in a banana plant from her Grandma's garden. Everyone was very curious about it and it made us wonder about where else in the world bananas grow. It was sad to say goodbye to Iysha, one of our morning children who is moving to Jamaica next week. I wonder if bananas grow there as well as they do in Retford! 

We had a week learning lots about Fish and after a vote to choose a name, our goldfish is now called "Goldie" and has been joined by "Toffee". The children have looked after them very well but they are spending half term being well looked after by Mrs Burman and her family. 
As you can see in these photos, we had a great time learning all about fish! 

When we come back after half term we are ready to have more fun learning all about Bonfire Night.