10th June 2019


We started this week by welcoming some feathered friends into Nursery. Mrs Gaddes’ budgies Ricky and Buddy stayed for the whole week which gave the children the chance to oberve them really carefully.

We went on a bird hunt in the Nursery garden and completed a tick list to see which birds visited. We found out that we get lots of pigeons, crows and blackbirds but that they stayed quite far away from us!

We used a book of garden birds to hear the different sounds that birds make. We thought that the wren makes a very big sound for such a small bird but unfortunately we didn’t manage to hear a real one.

On Friday we thought about birds nests and what they are made of. We wanted to make some to eat but didn’t want to use soil and sticks so we used chocolate and Shredded Wheat instead!

Next week we are hoping to be in the garden again but looking at the plants this time. We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather again.

27th May 2019

Our final week of this half term started with the story “The Elves and the Shoemaker”. This gave us the opportunity to find out what shoes are made from and how they are made.

Our provision included a shoe shop which went down very well, although reuniting school shoes and their real owners provided plenty of challenge for the Nursery staff!

On Thursday we tested which footwear was waterproof. We did this by pouring water over leather shoes, canvas shoes, plastic wellies and fabric slippers. The children felt the shoes before and after the experiment. They decided that the slippers and canvas shoes were too soggy inside to wear but the wellies and leather shoes were still dry inside so they must be waterproof.

As part of our transition for full time school, we visited the “big playground” while the older children were in lessons so that we could practise going on the adventure trail. We had great fun balancing, swinging, climbing and jumping and showed that it is a great way to challenge yourself.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 3rd June when we will be having a bird themed start to the term.

20th May 2019

This week we have used the theme of “Superheroes” to inspire our learning. We had lots of hands on ways to free superheroes from tangled webs, melt hands that Ice-Man had frozen, building skyscrapers from Numicon and also decorating masks.

Our “Big Questions” covered skills such as counting backwards from 10, finding words that rhyme and predicting what might happen to characters in story.

As well as lots of excitement about Superheroes, we also visited Mrs Parsons in the dining room. Some of our older children will be starting full time in September so we will be helping to make their transition to their new class as easy as possible. Mrs Parsons gave us icecream and sprinkles so that we could join in the seaside themed day that the older children had at lunch time today.

We had some very happy children who now all think Mrs Parsons is fantastic!

On Friday we had crazy hair day and people had made lots of effort to make some very interesting styles. We hope some of the colours come out easily! Thank you to everyone for taking part.

We have had lots of fun outside in the sun this week and Mrs Alford has some very exciting news about the Nursery playground which we look forward to revealing very soon!

13th May 2019

This week we had lots of fun with dragons escaping in nursery! We started with 14 but soon there were zero so we had to find them. We had to use careful counting and the number line to check we had found them all. This gave us lots of chance to practise recognising numerals whilst having lots of fun at the same time.

We found out that dragons are often seen in stories with Knights, Princesses and a castle so we had lots of activities based around these. We even had some frogs for the Princess to kiss!

We shared a story called “There’s a dragon in your book” by Tom Fletcher which encouraged us to join in with lots of actions which we all enjoyed.

Mr Grayson let us borrow his castle but it didn’t have any instuctions. We had a big challenge to try and put it together again. It definitely looked a ruined castle and the chidren thought a dragon may have burned it down!

Next week the children have chosen to have superheroes as our fantasy focus and are super excited about it!

6th May 2019

This week we shared another magical story by Julia Donaldson called “The Singing Mermaid”. We thought about what was similar to last week’s story “Sugarlump and the Unicorn” and realised that they both have a circus in them and that the illustrations in both books are sparkly and bumpy to make us want to touch the pages.

We labelled the parts of a mermaid that were the same as a human and found it most amusing when Mrs Gaddes put on a mermaid blanket to cover her legs with a scaly tail!

Lots of our provision was based around what we might find under the sea and gave us lots of opportunity to discuss trips to the seaside.

The weather as been a bit mixed this week but we have been able to do a bit of gardening and have now trimmed back the tulips and daffodils which has revealed that the pansies we planted in the winter are still going strong.


Next week we are continuing our fantasy theme after lots of requests for dragon related activities.

29th April 2019

We started our new term with a focus on “Fantasy stories”. This week we looked at a story by Julia Donaldson called “Sugarlump and the Unicorn” where the Unicorn granted wishes. We all thought of what we would wish for and the answers ranged from being a racing car driver to being allowed to stay up late!

We welcomed lots of new children to Nursery and we are now almost full which is fantastic to see so many children happy and busy and learning lots of new skills through their play.

We also found out about some information about rainbows. We have made a special area which is for the children to sit and chat to each other “Under the rainbow” and this area has proved very popular so far.

Next week we will be sharing another magical story by Julia Donaldson called “The Singing Mermaid”.

8th April 2019


A big thank you to everyone for making such fantastic Easter baskets for our parade today.

We hope you all have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 23rd April.

Happy Easter from the Nursery team.

1st April 2019

This week we used two stories to inspire our work. We started the week with Thinking of words to describe the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”. The children came up with fantastic language such as vicious and fierce and we then learned the word sly which we think suited him very well.

Lots of our provision was red this week and we found out that even pink is a shade of red.

We looked at another story by Jan Fearnley “Mr Wolf and the enormous turnip” where a Prince had been turned into a frog. He needed to be kissed by a Princess to unbreak the spell which the children found most amusing as the book repeatedly used the words “kissy, kissy, kiss,kiss” which they loved joining in with! The children were able to use the CD player to listen to the story on their own.

This week we took up Mr Grayson and Mr Haslam’s challenge to grow long, fat and weird carrots. We have planted some seeds in pots but are keeping them inside at the moment in case it is still a bit frosty. We filled some tyres with compost so they are ready and will plant them out as soon as possible.

We want to wish all our Nursery Mums a very happy Mother’s Day. We hope you like the secret cards we made for you!