Key Stage One Camping Day

On Thursday 14th September we were hoping for a lovely Summer’s day. The tents were up, the beach was ready, the games were set up  and the children were all dressed in their holiday clothes all set for Camping Day!

We began our Camping Day with a range of fun holiday activities. The children took part in building sandcastles on the sand with different shaped buckets and lots of shells to decorate their castles with. They had already designed their sandcastles the previous day so knew exactly what they wanted to achieve. Lots of fun was had as they shared ideas and worked together to make even bigger and better sandcastles. You can’t have a day out in the Summer without a picnic, so the children had the opportunity to make their own jam sandwiches. They followed instructions carefully and really enjoyed tasting them in the sunshine.

The sun continued to shine during the morning and enabled the children to play lots of different holiday games, such as Boules, Swingball and Badminton. The children learnt how to work together, take turns and teach each other new games. Luckily the wind was blowing too on Thursday so the kite making activity was a great success. The children used plastic bags, string and tape and with a bit of help managed to make and fly their own kites. It was lovely to see so many children experiencing new things for the first time.

 After lunch we were all very excited to hear a familiar tune, the ice-cream van was here!  The children all had a choice of ice-cream, and didn’t let the rain spoil their fun. The children sheltered in the big tent until the rain had stopped, and then carried on taking part in all the different activities.  They even spotted a rainbow over school. 

A fun and exciting day as had by all.