27th May 2019

Maths: This week in maths we have continued to work on money but this time using rounding to solve problems. This has really helped us to reinforce our understanding of rounding, particularly of decimals with up to 2 places. We could also see the point of rounding because of this work.

English: This week we have continued to work on our poetry writing and have also started thinking about science-fiction writing as a response to a competition run through Lincoln University to celebrate the lunar landings fifty years ago. We have had lots of fun coming up with sci-fi style ideas and have tried really hard to ensure we don’t veer off into fantasy writing and talking to our talk partners has really helped with this.

The most interesting part of our work this week was our visits to the Life Bus, which arrived in school on Monday morning, and to the library bus, which arrived on Tuesday morning. It was great fun choosing books for the three Year 4 classes and we learned lots about how to keep ourselves safe while visiting the Life Bus alongside the things that our bodies need to keep healthy and making positive choices. We followed this work up with the rest of Year 4 on Thursday when we spent part of the morning thinking further about the positive choices we have to make and how friendships can influence those choices both positively and negatively.

Our Star of the Week this week is Kyla for the effort that she puts into her work on a daily and weekly basis. Her poetry writing has been fantastic and she has shown some real imagination in our Sci-Fi writing competition efforts. Keep up the hard work Kyla and achieve everything you set out to achieve.