13th May 2019

Maths: This week we have been showing off our decimals knowledge – we have certainly improved our knowledge and understanding from our cold task – we can see lots of green against our assessed questions. We have also started to look at money and the first thing that we noticed were the links with the work we have done about decimals – this is making it so much easier as it’s giving us the chance to revisit the decimals work in a slightly different way to really consolidate our understanding, especially with those bits that we were a bit wobbly with still!

English: We have started to look at another poem – My Little Monster – which we have analysed and then started to use to inspire our own poetry writing. We have used the format to structure our own ideas for a poem again about a rainforest animal, this time though we are needing to think about rhymes which sometimes is making the work more tricky.

Our Star of the Week this week was Charlotte for her enthusiasm and persistence in all lessons. She can always be relied on to try her best and to engage with lessons, even when she is finding some bits particularly tricky. Great work – keep it up and continue to look after our carrots!