29th April 2019

Maths: This week we have been showing off our skills with decimals. After showing that we really had no understanding of them with our cold tasks on Monday, the speed with which we have seen the links with our previous understanding of number bonds to 10 and 100 has been incredible. We have shown that we already understand the place value of different digits using decimals to two places and understand how these can be linked to our understanding of money which has made things so much easier.

English: We are studying a unit on “Performance Poetry” and have been using the poem Danny the Cat by Benjamin Zephaniah. Having analysed the poem at the beginning of the week and used the poem to inspire our own rainforest poems that we will be working on next week, we finished the week by performing the poem in different groups. Have a look and a listen to our performance – which one do you prefer and why?

The most interesting part of our work this week was finding out that our next topic will be “Rainforests” which we are really looking forward to.

Our Star of the Week this week is Daisy for the hard work and effort she puts in to school on a daily basis and for the particularly descriptive words that she came up with during our rainforest descriptive brainstorming session. Keep up the great work and well done for achieving your silver presentation award.