25th March 2019

Maths: We have continued to work with fractions – this week our focus has been finding fractions of amounts using word problems. We are slowly getting to understand the role that a bar model can have in helping us to solve these types of questions. However a more confident group of us found we were really challenged when we were faced with fractions questions using different denominators – we have found it really difficult to get our heads around the fact that we need to find the equivalent fractions before we can solve the question. We are slowly understanding the reasons behind this, but a little more practise is needed we think.

English: Well it’s been another busy week and we’ve worked hard to write our newspaper articles about the battle between Fenrir and Thor in the story Arthur and the Golden Rope. WE have found it quite tricky to understand the differences between a report and a story but, with persistence and patience, we have succeeded and our writing reflects our increasing understanding.

The most interesting part of our work this week was Open Morning. Unfortunately no one came to visit us although we did spend an enjoyable hour and a half sewing our Viking pictures ready for Viking afternoon on the last afternoon of the term. Hope to see some of you there.

Our Star of the Week this week is Amelia for all her hard work and effort. She can be relied upon in class to always try her best but she can also be relied upon to do the same at home and this needs rewarding. Thank you Amelia for being your very conscientious, hard-working self. Keep it up as you are reaping the rewards of it.