11th March 2019

Well this has been a busy week with a visit to a mosque in Sheffield, World Book Day, a treasure hunt and a quiz!

Maths: This week we cracked equivalent fractions and are now really confident at not only growing fractions by doubling but also reducing them and using other multiples. We’re really cooking with gas – watch out for more cracking work next week!

English: In English we have started to work on our targets around newspapers and how to structure our sentences. So far we’ve really impressed with EdIngLy starters but found apostrophes for possession a bit tricky. Because of this, we had a treasure hunt today and really reinforced our understanding of how to form possessive apostrophes with plural words and irregular plurals which were the ones that really caused us a headache.

World Book Day: as well as dressing up in our pjs, listening beautifully to different teachers reading stories, eating biscuits and sharing our favourite books with parents (thanks to the two Mums for coming in), we also had a newspaper quiz. Mr Haslam had created a quiz with different nursery rhymes being described through a newspaper headline – we had to work out the nursery rhyme. Hopefully this will help us next week when we are starting to think about our own headlines.

The most interesting part of our work this week was our visit to the mosque in Sheffield. There were lots of ooohs and ahhhhs as we approached the mosque and gained our first glimpse. This continued as we went inside. Mrs Hilton-Loom was really proud of the way we conducted ourselves and the thoughtful questions that we asked.

Our Star of the Week this week is Kye, not only for his enthusiasm at the mosque, but also for his careful explanations of whether a word needs ‘s or s’ to show possession. Keep up the great work Kye.