18th February 2019

Maths: Well, this has felt like a manic week – we started the week knowing very little about finding area but by the end of the week we have all been successful on our hot task. We have even been able to spot patterns in how areas grow although ones with multiplicative relationships caused us more problems than the additive ones.

English: We have been working hard on our hot writes to show off our skills in writing an adventure story that involves defeating a monster based around the Viking saga of Arthur and the Golden Rope. A special mention must be made for Kye who has really impressed Mrs Hilton with his commitment to his story and his improvement in handwriting and presentation. Keep it up. Mrs Hilton iss really pleased with the way we have been uplevelling our targets so that we expand our noun phrases with prepositional phrases rather than just settling for using noun phrases. We will be posting some of these extracts when they have been marked … watch this space!

Our Star of the Week this week is Daniel for the hard work that he is putting in and the all-round improvements that he is making because of this. Keep up all the hard work and effort Daniel and reach for the stars!