28th January 2019

Maths: This week we have been developing our multiplication skills further. We have really got to grips with short multiplication and are gaining confidence with the process of what we are doing to really understand it. We have found using counters to demonstrate our understanding has really started to pay dividends in terms of our understanding and the application of it in problem solving.

English: We have started writing our own escape stories based around Wilbur’s escape in Charlotte’s Web. The quality of the writing so far has really impressed Mrs Hilton as we have already shown that we are trying really hard to include our current targets of writing a range of sentences including long ones to add details and short ones to create impact. As well as this, we have really worked hard to use our previous target of punctuating speech correctly.

The most impressive part of our work this week has been our Viking diaries that we have used to demonstrate our English skills through our topic work. We have worked really hard to produce a chatty diary that demonstrates clearly the reasons why the Vikings invaded and settled.

Or Star of the Week this week is Sophie for all the hard work that she has been putting in recently, particularly when trying to overcome difficulties with multiplying 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number using the short method. Her perseverance has really paid off and she is really developing her understanding using the counters for support. Great work, keep it up!